As a Philosopher/Theologian, Stephen Hawking is a Good Physicist

As a Philosopher/Theologian, Stephen Hawking is a Good Physicist April 26, 2013

Hawking is one of those Famous Scientists who gets treated like an oracle when he holds forth on stuff with viewpoints as informed as my plumber’s views on special relativity. He periodically pops off on metaphysical questions under the deathless materialist faith that when all you have is a scientific hammer every philosphical and metaphysical question is a nail. He also displays all the crude anti-Catholicism of his class. He recently claimed that John Paul II said not to study the Big Bang because it was “holy.”

Watch for this goofy bit of pseudo-knowledge to be become Established Fact among the internet atheist community that always tests truth claims and never credulously listens to the Voice of Authority.

It will come as a surprise to Fr. Georges Lemaitre, the formulator of the Big Bang theory, that studying the Big Bang is forbidden to Catholics.

It’s the sort of thing only believed and circulated by members of the English Chattering Class (and, of course, by Americans who feel an instinctive sense of inferiority both to the English and to guys in lab coats). And since it is common knowledge that the Catholic Church hates and fears science, such a claim doesn’t need to be verified since we’re all, you know, on the same page here. I mean just look at the way the Church has always persecuted scientists such as Galileo and… well, oh, you know everyone!

In related English Secular Upper Class News, Hawking concluded his presentation with a Q&A session, and the the last question he answered earned one of the night’s biggest laughs.

“We’re in an era where we can control machines with our thoughts,” began the questioner, so besides Hawking’s motorized wheelchair, what else would he like to use that for?

“What I’d really like to control is not machines, but people,” the professor responded.

Sometimes the mask slips a little.

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