Chechen Losers Responsible for Bombing

Chechen Losers Responsible for Bombing April 19, 2013

One’s dead, one on the lam.  I bet they have him in custody (hopefully alive) by sundown.  Nobody knows why they did it yet.  I wish people would stop filling in the blanks with their favorite bogey men.  Yesterday, for no reason, people were attributing it to “prolife extremists”.  Others were sure it was white supremacists.  Others, Al-quaeda.  Turns out it was from deep left field and nobody we expected.

But still, aside from the fact these guys are Chechen and, apparently, Muslim, we don’t know anything.  We don’t even know if it was connected to nationalism or Islam.  They might just be losers, like Lee Harvey Oswald, proving their loser manhood to the universe.

People often get mad at me for vocally opposing the death penalty and torture.  They seem to think I regard myself as a stainless saint.  What people don’t get is that these things are–particularly at moments like this–massively tempting for me.  It is easy to fantasize about what I would do to these sons of bitches if I was the man whose wife was brain-damaged, whose son was dead, whose daughter had her legs blown off.  I have sufficient imagination to devise punishments of such cruelty and exquisite slowness that your blood would freeze.  Part of me wants very much to see men like this beg for death to relieve their agonies–and then to very slowly and with relish give it to them.

But that part of me has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and if I let it rule me, I will go to hell.  So I reassert the Church’s teaching here loudly, because I want to go to heaven.

“My heart–I need no other’s–showeth me the wickedness of the ungodly.” – C.S. Lewis

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