An Entire City Locked into a Police State Freeze

An Entire City Locked into a Police State Freeze April 20, 2013

and now our Ruling Classes are seizing the opportunity cow us into abandoning our rights to due process in panic over two guys.

As of this writing, the bomber, an American citizen, was apparently not read his rights.  If Obama does nothing about that, then fascists like the Rubber Hose Right will cheer, lefties will offer mealy-mouth excuses and we will have taken another step toward a lawless police state.

Panic is a really bad basis for major constitutional decisions.  If this stands and an American citizen is denied all due process because state fascists want to dispense with the rule of law, the damage men like this suspect is accused of doing to America will be infinitesmal compared to the damage Obama, McCain, and Graham do.  Those in our government who want to obliterate due process to get after the devil are far greater dangers than this lunatic, because they wield far greater firepower.

Update: The was apparently seriously wounded and so not fit to hear his rights. Fair enough. However, McCain and Graham’s remarks are still ominous and we will see if Obama decides to indefinitely detain him as an enemy combatent.

What McCain and Graham are effectively doing is turning every serious crime into an extension of the war on terror. If that stands, all crime can be redefined as “terror” and the criminal redefined as an “enemy combatant” and not a citizen with rights. Give that ridiculous approach it’s head and you eventually get to the day where the state is declaring a shoplifter and “economic terrorist” and depriving people of their rights as part of the “war on terror”. These men are dangerous police state totalitarians.

Upperdate:  The Feds are “suspending” his Miranda rights by invoking some anti-terrorism law that lets them “temporarily” do that.  We’ll see.

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