Prayer Request

Prayer Request April 20, 2013

A reader writes:

Here is an urgent prayer request for a friend’s 8 year old grandson. He’s suffered all his life from intestinal problems:

Sam is in dire need of your prayers again.
He was readmitted to the hospital with another bowel obstruction, of what sort the doctors are not sure. In the meantime they started him on IV feeds, since he had not eaten successfully for several weeks. As is usual for him, IV feeds bring MRSA, and sepsis. This is where we are now, i.e., after two days of IV feedings, he is spiking a fever, so not only do we have a serious obstruction, but we also have a life-threatening infection in the bloodstream. Another surgery will likely be necessary soon. From a medical standpoint, this is not a good situation.
From a spiritual standpoint, God is still in charge.

Please pray for little Sam; he is very discouraged and tired. I probably don’t need to mention the rest of the family and their breaking hearts.

Father, grant Sam complete healing in body, but especially in soul that he can grasp by faith how much you love him and know that Christ crucified is right there with him and has not abandoned him but given him a share in his own sufferings for the healing of the world. Encourage him and tell him how brave he is being and how proud you are of him. Surround him with encouragement and love. Give grace, knowledge, compassion and skill to his caregivers and grace, peace and strength to him and all who love him. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for him. Guardian angel and St. Michael, fight for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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