The League of Dwight K Schrute Internet Atheism

The League of Dwight K Schrute Internet Atheism April 9, 2013

So on March 14, some internet atheist I’d never heard of decided to rake me over the coals for liking Francis, Argentinian History’s Greatest Monster.

Only problem: in his malice, the atheist blogger just ran with whatever crap he could without finding out if it was, you know, true.

I then pointed out that the Internet Atheist, in his profound commitment to truth, had slandered a good man.

Days pass after I post. And this was already after weeks had passed since the initial slanderous post.

Suddenly, some pissy minion of the Internet Atheist shows up in my combox demanding to know why I haven’t acknowledged that the IA had (f i n a l l y) corrected his blog entry. It did not, of course, occur to him that the only reason I had responded to Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak at all was because he had called me out by name to insult the Holy Father on false charges and that I had given him no further thought once the falsity of his claim had been documented. Instead, with the supreme social skillfulness that the League of Dwight K Schrute Internet Atheism is known for, there followed a series insulting posts in my comboxes that I deleted for the very good reason that I feel no obligation whatever to play host to people with the social skills of Grumpy Facebook Cat.

Now Dwight has a new post up demanding to know why I don’t play host to the League of Dwight K. Schrute Internet Atheists in my comboxes.

To quote Louis Armstrong’s answer to the question “What is jazz?”: “If you have to ask, you’ll never know.”

Here’s the deal: if you are a socially maladroit jerk who owes an apology to an innocent man, you make the apology and shut up. Your apology does not create a corresponding obligation to afford you a forum for being a jerk in my comboxes. Being the warm, fuzzy, and clement person I am I allowed you a little room to comment, mostly to permit documentation of what socially maladroit jerks you and your pals are. After that, you’re gone. And you’ll be gone from the comboxes on this thread.

Consider your function on my blog as Serving as a Warning to Others.

That is all.

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