Brights: Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors!

Brights: Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors! July 22, 2014

Richard Dawkins thinks children should be taken away from religious parents by the state wants to banish fairy stories, but he’s just fine with “mild pedophilia”.

The more he opens his mouth, the more I agree with Vox Day that he and the people who regard him as a guiding light give every indication that they are somewhere on the autism spectrum and just don’t seem to process social, emotional, and affective cues like most of the population. Some years back, the guys who made “Expelled” made a video designed make fun of Dawkins and Co.

I don’t buy the ID arguments of the filmmakers. But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this was mocking Dawkins. Dawkins, however, was baffled, as were his acolytes who took a long time to process this difficult concept called “humor”. Eventually, they figured it out, but I have ever after seen their social interactions, including this recent display regarding pedophilia and previous altercations (chronicled by sensible atheist Phil Plait, who has been shouting “Don’t be a Dick” into the gale force winds of hostile internet atheist social cluelessness for years).

I will take Dawkins and Co. description of themselves as “Bright” when they stop acting so obviously dim. Meantime, I nominate Dawkins for President of the League of Dwight K Schrute Internet Atheists.

"I just have to say that what you wrote sounds creepy."

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  • Ohtobide

    Nothing in the link you have given, or in anything written by Dawkins that I have seen, suggests that he is ‘just fine with mild paedophilia’.
    Please could you give us a link to where he says that he thinks children should be taken away from religious parents and a link to where he says that he wants to banish fairy stories.

    • MarylandBill

      Just because Dawkins backpedaled on the pedophilia issue, that doesn’t mean his earlier statement didn’t suggest that he think thats “mild” pedophilia is not that bad (or at least not that bad).

      Indeed, it seems that he has done the same with the petition he signed (and promoted) that would prevent parents teaching religion to their children before the age of 16) and his talk about about the evils of fairy stories that upon public outcry he backpedaled and tried to explain that what he said was really not what he said. Google by the way will provide you plenty of links for the claims Mark made about Dawkins.

      • Ohtobide

        I know that Google will provide plenty of links to lies told about Dawkins. I am only interested in what he has said himself and I am willing to understand what he has said as he meant it to be understood. I would extend that courtesy to everyone.
        I know nothing at all about this petition however. A petition to prevent parents teaching religion to their children? That sounds like a very serious matter indeed. Can you give me a link to that?

      • Ohtobide

        Ok, since my last comment I have googled this petition, which I had never heard of before. Dawkins did sign it, without thinking about or reading properly what he was signing. He realised his mistake and asked the organizers to remove his name.

        “I did sign the petition, but I hadn’t thought it through when I did so, and I now regret it. I have asked the organizer to remove my name.”

        “I am the Richard Dawkins who wrote The God Delusion (although I don’t see how I can prove it). I really do regret signing the petition, and I don’t see why that is not regarded as admitting that I was wrong. I regret signing it, and I admit that I was wrong to do so. OK?”
        You may call this backpedalling but I see it as admitting that he made a mistake. I would be more inclined to praise him than condemn him.

        • Marthe Lépine

          On the other hand, the fact that he had signed a petition without giving a thought about its content does not show him as particularly bright…

        • MarylandBill

          If this were an isolated incident, one could regard it as simply a mistake. But since we have several statements of his that were “misunderstood”, one has to wonder if they were really misunderstood or if the retractions are coming as a result of the public outcry?

          Further, he is well known, outside of his atheism, as a great communicator of scientific ideas and is well aware of his fame. When one puts those two qualities together, it seems extremely remarkable that he would be so careless about the petitions that he puts his name to.

  • BHG
  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Well, as near as I can deal, the Dawkins acolytes are an EXTREMELY small crowd. Even my Leftie atheist friends think Dawkins is an embarrassment. I’ve heard him called “the Pat Robertson of atheism.” But he makes a lot of noise, so the media loves him.

  • Kristen Johnson

    As usual, I agree with your general reasoning, Mark, but as the mother of two boys on the autism spectrum, I have to clarify one key point: though you describe the spectrum’s manifestations accurately enough, there is one key difference between Dawkins and Co. and autistics, and that is malice/willful ignorance. My non-verbal son doesn’t “get” people not because he doesn’t want to — or, worse, out of some perverse desire to hurt them — but because he _can’t_. I doubt that’s true with the crusading atheists. Also, though I think some autistic people have some retardation, too, they also _do_ have very “bright” skills, with varying degrees of usefulness (identifying shapes in such a way as to be mad puzzle solvers, for example).

  • wlinden

    We on the autistic spectrum deeply resent being classed with Dawkins.

  • the gale force winds of hostile internet atheist social cluelessness

    As an nonbeliever who’s embarrassed by the nastiness of the New Atheists, I wonder whether the Gnus weren’t in fact gifts sent to the religious blogosphere from on high. After all, religious people love to complain about persecution, so the snide contempt of the Gnus gives the religious a reason to pretend there’s nothing to nonbelief except for disdain and misunderstanding.

    And there’s plenty of that to go around, right?