Why Traditionalism is Marginalized

Why Traditionalism is Marginalized April 15, 2013

Exhibit A:  When somebody says, “Holocaust Denial is Bad” that is a hugely controversial opinion in one subculture of the Church and one subculture only.

Exhibit B: When somebody calls the person saying that a “kike“, it is only one subculture in the Church that provides us with people ready to worry, not that Holocaust Denialism is bad and calling people “kikes” for saying that is bad, but that the person who called Holocaust Denial bad has celebrated Seder meals with her family as a way of honoring her Jewish heritage.  And when you point out that she celebrated them, not as a way of denying Jesus is savior, or rejecting the sacraments, or trying to claim superiority to brother and sister Christians or to seek salvation through the rites of Moses, it’s not good enough, even when the Church says it is okay.

The USCCB document God’s Mercy Endures Forever states the following:

It is becoming familiar in many parishes and Catholic homes to participate in a Passover Seder during Holy Week. This practice can have educational and spiritual value (GMEF 28).

Nope.  Not good enough.  The Irish can celebrate their heritage on St. Paddy’s Day and Italians celebrate Columbus Day.  But when a Jew does something to honor her heritage, well there’s just something about Those People, you know? It “feels” wrong and it’s “politically correct” to defend her from a Combox Inquisitor. Clearly, the Jewish Christian is the real danger.  Not *really* Catholic if you catch my drift.

Exhibit C:  In only one subculture of the Church is it even conceivable that it is necessary to actually have an interview in order to clarify that you do not have Jew blood and that you are not somehow implicated in some sort of Jewish agenda since your readership is really deeply concerned and suspicious about that.

Exhibit D:  In short, it is only in one subculture of the Church on planet earth that you can find people fretting about the Jewish ethnicity of a Catholic or seriously proposing, as a huge moral dilemma, whether it is worse for a Jewish Christian to hold a little Seder as a salute to her Jewish heritage, or to murder six million people.

Attention Traditionalists.  Cease looking for the source of your troubles in some conspiracy against you external to your ranks.  This sort of stuff is the number one reason Traditionalism is marginalized.

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