Why Would a Catholic from a Jewish Background Feel Unwelcome

Why Would a Catholic from a Jewish Background Feel Unwelcome April 9, 2013

…among the sort of Traditionalism promoted by defenders of Rorate Coeli? Dawn Eden, in that hypersensitive way that, you know, Those People have gets all hot and bothered just because one of the main sources RC relies on for dishing dirt on Pope Francis is a Holocaust Denier!

Patient, thoughtful and not-at-all-bigoted-or-crazy representatives of Truly True Traditional Traddery try to explain to her that there is a huge–HUGE–difference between Holocaust Denial and Holocaust Belittlement. RC’s source just belittles and laughs at the millions of dead.  He doesn’t deny they are dead.  But will she listen to this totally reasonable distinction? No. Of course not. You know how Those People are. So sensitive about a little mass murder. Not at all attuned to the truly crucial things, like the silk and lace obsessions of not-at-all-crazy anti-semites in their weird little hothouse of self-absorption.

To prove it , a not-at-all-totally demented reader writes her:

Jews are Christ-haters. This is a fact. Their Talmud teaches Jesus Christ is a “sorcerer”, “bastard” and He is “boiling in his own excrement in hell”. Why does it matter to Eden (if she’s truly sincere in her “conversion” to the Catholic Faith from apostate Judaism) that Marcelo Gonzalez doubts the “historical” version of the holocaust? Why the attempt to demonize a person for merely expressing his opinions? If “historical” info regarding the holocaust is true, then why such intrepid efforts to undermine any investigation, and the people involved in same investigation? TRUTH DOES NOT FEAR AN INVESTIGATION.

Hypocritically, Eden accuses Aly of “ad hominem” attacks, yet, in the story, Eden concurs with a statement by Fr. Geiger referring to members of the Body of Christ – the true Catholic Faithful (traditionalists) – as a “soft white underbelly of the Rad Trad movement”. “Rad Trad”, alone, is a disparaging term used against the Catholic Faithful in an attempt to “discredit” and demonize us; but calling us “soft white underbellies” in the same phrase double the insult. We have to remember the early Church fathers and Saints warned us about the apostate Jews and their deception, but they also taught we should pray for them, too. The traditional Catholic Faith simply adheres to this truth, therefore, in calling us “white underbellies” and “rad trads”, you are calling Jesus Christ and His Apostles the same insults. Christ founded the Church, and His Apostles handed this Faith down to us. We, the “rad trads” simply adhere to this true Faith.

Here are some facts about the “historical” version of the holocaust being fabricated:
A) Is Elie Wiesel A Fraud? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiRKv8Fd3HM

B) The Jews had been trying to cook up the “6 million” deaths story for many years before WWII in order to push their zionist agenda. “SIX MILLION JEWS” written in newspapers between 1915 and 1938 – long before the “Holocaust” occurred (as told in our “history” books and fake media)
C) EXPOSED by Library of Congress and NYTimes sources! Better look at them now before they mysteriously disappear. We can’t have the truth exposing a lie indoctrinated into children at schools and rammed into the empty minds of countless TV watchers. Read the following:
LoC –> http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/pages/results/?state&date1=1836&date2=1922&proxtext=6000000+jews&x=11&y=17&dateFilterType=yearRange&rows=20&searchType=basic
NYTimes —>http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/#/6000000+jews/from19000101to19380101/

D) Bishop Richard Williamson tells the truth about the holocaust (“historical” version)

One person did NOT die in a gas chamber. There is absolutely no evidence of it. The “6 million” stat is a LIE meant to get the state of Israel created (which is what happened in 1947/48) and fuel Zionism; to manipulate American thinking and foreign policy; and extort Germany for countless sums of money. The most Jews who died were 300-400 thousand. In fact, more Catholics (Poles) died under Hitler than Jews. Not all of the dead bodies you see in pics are Jews, rather they are Poles, Catholics, intellectuals deemed a “threat” to Hitler, gypsies, handicapped and terminally ill people, etc. The few chambers discovered were used to delouse prisoners’ clothing from lice. They were too small and few in numbers to systematically kill the purported number of Jews. However, there were concentration camps, but nobody died in a gas chamber, rather they died from communicable disease, lice, harsh slave labor conditions, malnutrition, and even bullets to the head, but NOT gas chambers.

I doubt Eden will publish this comment because she’s probably a sayanim. This comment has sources of reason and evidence CONTRARY to what is taught to us in lying “history” books and fake media. I challenge you, Eden, to publish this comment. What do you have to fear – the truth?

Oh, and he’s not alone.  Dawn’s gotten a number of scary crazy comments and emails from the League of Jew-Hating Nutjobs for Truly True Traddery, doing their best to convince a convert who was initially very empathetic to Traditionalism to flee them for normal Catholic faith and never look back.  Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger answers another of these poisonous lunatics.  Dawn, very wisely, decided to forego publishing or replying to these two particular toxic crazies since she is a) a nice person and b) trying to get schoolwork done and has no time for minding a madhouse.

Padre and I, on the other hand, both thought it was important to offer some rejoinder since this kind of vicious and poisonous Jew-hatred is, as the other stuff that *did* get published in Dawn’s comboxes attests, a not-uncommon feature of Urine and Vinegar Traddery and is, in the most exact sense of the word, scandalous.  It brings the faith into disrepute, it causes honest and good people to stumble when they might enter in, it harms innocents like Dawn, and, worst of all, it even tempts new Catholics who think they are embracing “hard truths” but are, in fact, embracing ancient evil to become twice the sons of hell that the Trad anti-semite is.  It is pure filth and every Catholic, but most especially every lover of the EF, should smash it flat.  People have died by the millions because of this crap.

Sane and healthy Traditionalists have far far more to fear from the public scandal created by these people than they have from anybody singing “Anthem” at some suburban OF Mass.

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