Dear President Nixon, I mean, Obama

Dear President Nixon, I mean, Obama May 14, 2013

Long ago, according to legend, Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have remarked about Vietnam, “If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”  He was an astute politician and understood that if you alienate the media and the people who trust them to tell them what actually going on (even if they don’t *really* tell us what’s going on) you have a good chance of destroying your political fortunes no matter how invulnerable your arrogance has hitherto made you feel.

Here’s the thing, President Nixon Obama, when you lose Jon Stewart, who really is rooting for you, you are losing one of your most powerful friends. And make no mistake, you are losing Jon Stewart:

This IRS thing–and the Nixonian treatment of the press–is seriously bad news, Mr. Nixon Obama. Will you figure that out, stop this crap, and apologize? Or will you double down in your pride and blame somebody else? You better think fast because once you lose Cronkite, it’s over for you, as it was over for Johnson and Nixon.

Me: I’m hoping that, if you won’t repent, this scandal destroys your capacity to do more mischief. Fitting punishment for your HHS mandate, your zeal for abortion, and your despotic seizure of the power to murder and indefinitely detain. Sin has a way of making people stupid. I’d prefer you repent your sin. But if you won’t, I prefer you stupidly destroy your capacity to inflict more harm on us.

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