Super Abortion Zealots are Nervous…

Super Abortion Zealots are Nervous… June 8, 2017

as the Democratic Party loses its nerve about doing the stupidest thing it could possibly do and excommunicating a third to a quarter of its base over this one issue.

Sin makes you stupid and the stupidest thing the Dems could do is *demand* that the millions of prolife people in its base leave and go support Trump.  But that is exactly what the pro-abort nutjobs on the extreme Left want in their Purist mania.

Hopefully, saner heads will prevail and they will figure out that nothing is more important than getting rid of Trump, not even the precious, precious gift of dismembering defenseless children in the womb.  But this is, after all, the Party that managed to lose to the biggest con man, crook, and dolt ever elected.  So they may yet listen to the worser angels of their natures and fall into fratricidal civil war over this idiotic abortion purity demand from the fringe instead listening to sane people like Pelosi and Warren who realize it’s all hands on deck to stop Trump and that it’s better to have prolife people fighting Trump than prolife people supporting him.

Consistent life ethics people in the Democratic party are the most despised demographic in the country, except maybe for chaste, obedient gay Catholics.

People always think of divine judgment as some sort of thunderbolt from above when the reality is that judgment is typically just the outworking of our own stupid choices.  Trump is as much the result of pro-abort choices as he is the result of the choice of the suckers who support him.  When sin makes you too dumb to see that it’s better to make an alliance with a Christian whose conscience cannot bear abortion and win, rather than drive her away and lose, your judgment will be that you lose.  Judgment is sin in fruition, even if you don’t believe in God.  We all live in the same universe.

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