A question about homosexual temptation

A question about homosexual temptation June 14, 2013

…over at the Register. The fun thing, when I write about homosexuality is that half my audience seems to think I am a “homophobe” while the other half seems to think homosexuality is no big deal. I can’t seem to get people to grasp that I basically think about the matter what the Catechism teaches, and then refrain from giving homosexuals free pastoral advice for the very good reason that I have never experience the temptation and am not a pastor. I regard it is one more disordered appetite (and I have plenty of my own so I’m in no position to sit in judgment of that). The only thing I ask is that homosexuals stop demanding that I approve of homosex since it’s, you know, a sin. In return, I will not demand that other people applaud my gluttony.

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