Another Step Down the Road Toward the Normalization of Pedophilia

Another Step Down the Road Toward the Normalization of Pedophilia June 1, 2013

Tale of adult-on-15-year-old lesbian sex wins the Palme d’Or at Cannes from the same people who faked orgasms of outrage about the priest abuse scandal while lionizing Roman Polanski, on the lam for seducing a 13 year old. In Hollyweird, you just have to be the Right Kind of Roman.

The day is coming when our Ruling Class will curse the Church, not for covering up pedophilia, but for opposing it.

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  • Newp Ort

    Mark, I’m not even gonna attempt a real argument, but you really should drop this whole theme. It’s in bad taste. It’s too soon. You’re veering into Bill Donohue territory here.

    • Too soon? Because there’s one horse still left in the barn?

      • Scott W.

        Exactly. I want whatever he’s smoking. A movie celebrating perversion is not in bad taste, but Mark pointing out that fact is?

  • laurel

    i read a few MSM articles on this movie – and not one mentioned that it was between an adult and a 15 year old. seriously?! that is disturbing

    • Ken Crawford

      Laurel, I had the same thought. I’d seen a number of blurbs about it and none of them even mentioned it.

  • Mom of four eagle scouts

    Shame on all of us for accepting this as normal. We are God’s children. When are we going to take our country back. Tell the homosexual perverts that America is one nation under GOD. America is filled with liberty and justice for all.

    • Oy vey.

    • Dan F.

      not helpful.

  • Portia

    This gives us then a second important and credible religious meaning
    associated to the word “Molest” being “the adherence to the doctrines
    and customs (of the former Roman Cult) concerning the soft, weak, and young child/boys and a sacrifice to Moloch.”

    “Contrary to public belief, the term Pedophilia has the unfortunate
    literal meaning of “loving children”, than the criminal action of child
    abuse. While Pedophilia has absolutely no religious significance as a
    word, its continued use as a term to describe child molestation and
    child abuse is misleading—implying those branded as “pedophiles” have
    some emotional empathy towards their victims (implied by

    • Dr. Eric

      You’re citing, THAT website?

      • Here’s a better website:

        Appears that the “molest”-“Moloch” connection is spurious etymologically – even if it does express a deep truth about how very evil child molestation is.

  • Katalina

    I had heard once before that this kind of perversion would be next to be “legalized” because of the same thing being done to “same sex Marriage” being done in about 12 states now. We are on a very slippery slope and once we go down it there will be no more time left from it snowballing into all sorts of others like Polygamy.

  • Foxhole Atheist

    so Lolita sent the world spiraling out of control? don’t use this as an excuse for your homophobia please

    • If anybody has a logic gun, here’s a barrel full of fish for you.

      • Foxhole Atheist

        Hi Jon, I encourage you to take the first shot…I will perhaps add some more fish to the barrel so as to increase your chances of not missing…as a clarification, I was actually responding to the post by Janet O’Connor…I don’t see the logic of equating a movie (I admit I haven’t seen the movie so can’t speak to its merit..but that’s beside the point anyways) depicting pedophilia with the pursuit of equal rights for homosexuals…these things have nothing to do with each other…there is no slippery slope of perversion, because loving another adult in a consensual relationship is not perverse…this is a tired argument 0- we let homosexuals marry then we have to let men marry dogs etc, etc…there is no logical argument for denying homosexuals the rights that are afforded heterosexuals (including the right to get married)

        • Athelstane

          Except that 15 year olds are not adults – whether they’re impressionable girls, or altar boys.

          Which is why adults having sex with 15 year olds in every jurisdiction in the US and Canada is considered to be statutory rape under the law.

          • Foxhole Atheist

            I wasn’t talking about the relationship depicted in the movie but rather the relationship of two adults of the same sex/gender…an adult having sex with a minor is a crime and rightly so…two consenting adults having sex is not a crime, whether they are opposite gender or not…and back to my point, there is no logical argument to deny homosexuals the right to marry and that issue has nothing to do with pedophilia

  • Benjamin

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see a Catholic solemnly warning us about the dangers of pedophilia. Clean up your own act before lecturing everyone else.

    • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I see someone who imagines himself especially bright or enlightened lecturing Catholics on how to think.

    • chezami

      I have committed no pedophilia, nor have I covered it up. Rather, I have protested both the act and the coverup. You know this. So what you obviously really mean is, “I wish to use this as a cheap rhetorical club.” You should try using that intellect you worship.

      • Benjamin

        “I have committed no pedophilia, nor have I covered it up.”

        Yes, but you voluntarily gave money every Sunday to an organization that committed, aided, and abetted pedophilia on a global scale, did you not?

        • chezami

          And you have voluntarily chosen to remain a citizen of the US, which uses your taxes to do both good and evil. Learn what “remote material cooperation with evil” means and get off your high horse. Do you have *nothing* to do but accuse others?

  • Chrisb

    Just pointing out that “seduction” is not word for what Polanski did to that girl.