The most uncovered story of our time…

The most uncovered story of our time… June 1, 2013

is the news that most of the news is actually good news but that this is obscured by the fact that the media (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Principalities and Powers Inc.) don’t report that news and instead report bad news.

My friend Pia de Solenni talks about what is *mostly* going on in the world most of the time. Think about it. How many people have you hugged and kissed just today? How many murders, rapes and thefts have you witnessed in your entire life? Now think about what the TV dwells on.

This is why I say grace is dark matter. It makes up most of the universe most of the time. News (as the world conceives of it) is news precisely because it departs from the fact that so much of life is so good.

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