Frank Weathers Chronicles One of the First Fruits of the Return to Paganism

Frank Weathers Chronicles One of the First Fruits of the Return to Paganism June 5, 2013

The strong do as they please and the weak suffer what they must.

In Christ, the strong use their strength to protect the weak, and the weak offer thanks to God for the strong and pray for the strong that they grow in virtue.  Each depends on the other.

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  • Dr. Eric

    For some reason, my comments couldn’t be posted on that website. But, The Church will continue to get pummeled in Her struggle against same sex marriage and the HHS mandate in America because the bishops and other apologists still are arguing on the basis of religious freedom instead of taking the argument directly to the source of the problem.

    Until we can argue effectively for the purpose of human sexuality and show the beauty of The Church’s teachings, we will continue to be marginalized and eventually persecuted. But, as I’ve written before, most of this fight was over in 1930.

    • Pavel Chichikov

      I seldom see an argument from Catholics that same-sex marriage is wrong – just bluntly that- morally wrong. They talk about the purpose of marriage.

      • Joseph

        It’s not that simple. If one takes the *it’s morally wrong* approach in a discussion with a self-described atheist or non-Catholic (or Catholics who are opposed to the Church’s teachings so that they can continue to receive invites to the cool parties of the self-described atheists and non-Catholics), the discussion will come to an abrupt end with the snide *you’re just regurgitating what your religion tells you to regurgitate*. IOW, your ignorant and oppressive comments do not belong in the fruitful discourse of modern day “Friends” world.

        I always engage them in terms of science first. When they discover that I am Catholic, I remark that I’m not making arguments in terms of religious faith nor do I intend to and that the Church didn’t come up with a list of things to call sins then proceed to disseminate that list to its subjects. Instead, it sees all sciences as an order to the universe. Where the atheist sees the Natural Order as something that managed to come into existence via unlikely circumstances during a chaotic period of formation, the Church sees it as something that created by God. Both agree that one can oppose the Natural Order. However, a Catholic views opposing the Natural Order as directly opposing God, since we believe He created it (for a reason). And by opposing God, we are opposing His will, thus we are sinning.

        Then I make my cases using the sciences as to why these acts are actually anti-science and nature. It diffuses the foolish claim that we are simply making a case from the “Good Book” and makes them squirm (or even sometimes doubt their own positions) when using what they thought were their own weapons against them.

        St. Paul approached his discourse with pagans in the same way.

        • Pavel Chichikov

          There is more than one .position to take.

          • CathyS12

            How so? If two positions are in opposition to each other, they can’t both be right.

            • Pavel Chichikov

              Are they in opposition?

              • CathyS12

                If one says that homosexual marriage is morally wrong and the other says it is morally right, then they are in opposition.

                • Pavel Chichikov

                  That’s true. Who said it was morally right? I’m not following this.

                  • CathyS12

                    Apologies. My mistake. I misread your original post. I thought you were saying that the Catholic position that gay marriage is morally wrong – is wrong and cannot be defended outside of the purpose of marriage.

                    • Pavel Chichikov

                      God bless.

  • Dan C

    This is news to those who never read a Catholic Worker newsletter or paper.

    The role of America in war and commerce, with the passionate American Catholic Church-endorsed embrace of capitalism (which is a “strong-crushes-weak” system of economics) has been for at least a century officially self-centered and self-worshiping.

    A foreign visitor once saw the monuments to Lincoln and Jefferson and noted that Americans worship themselves. That once such monuments at least nominally were built for gods, but are now built for the worship of America and Americans.

    Our systems of patriotism and economics have taught us a certain way of thinking that is just expanding to other areas of life. Consequentialism and Darwinian survival is the determinants of morality for both our systems of war and economics. Why would it not expand to other areas of our existence?

  • So when Charlemagne (Charles the Great, the Holy Roman Emperor) had his army kill 4500 “non-believers,” was that a pagan act? Funny, I always thought he was Christian.

    How about all the people killed in the Inquisition? The Expulsion of Jews from England? The Trail of Tears? The Plantation (in Northern Ireland)? I thought the whole Serbian war was mostly about Christians killing Muslims, I didn’t realize there were so many pagans in Eastern Europe.

    All those people killed by the Klan – for being black, Jewish or Catholic, but mostly black – were they killed by Protestant Christians, or by pagans?