Holder Won’t Say Whether DOJ is Spying on Congress

Holder Won’t Say Whether DOJ is Spying on Congress June 7, 2013

Makes perfect sense when you think about it. After all, if The Terrorists[TM] are the millions of innocent Verizon customers who are guilty till proven innocent then who can say whether Congress isn’t also teeming with The Terrorists[TM]. And if we tell them we are spying on them, we might as well give Congress the keys to some 747’s and let them fly them into the White House.

I think what this proves is that the State needs to take even more extreme measures to protect our freedoms. We are rapidly approaching a point where 300 million “Americans” hate us for our freedom. Those people are the guilty-till-proven-innocent enemies of the Real America: the Obama Administration. We have a right–nay, an *obligation*–to defend ourselves against these 300 million “Americans” by any means necessary.

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  • Rosemarie


    And yet, with all these millions of phone records, they couldn’t discover what the Tsarnaev brothers were up to. What wonderful “intelligence” they’ve gathered on all of us! I feel so much safer.

    • Joseph

      Tis because they already knew. So why didn’t they do anything about it would be a more relevant question. Let’s see, it should be obvious now that Moscow didn’t *tip off* the FBI then, later, the CIA that the older Tsarnaev brother was being *tainted* by extremism while being mentored in Caucasus by US State Department paid thugs (who were there to agitate Russia) so that they could honorably save the US from *what he might do*… they did it to let the US intelligence know that Russian intelligence knew that Tsarnaev was a US asset and knew what he was up to. The Russians *warned* the FBI/CIA two years before the Boston bombing.

  • John Schaefer

    What I find pleasing in all of this, is the backlash from EVERYONE. Just flipping around last night between Piers Morgan, Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow, there was an overwhelming consensus about how horrible this is. Hannity actually agreed with Al Gore! Unbelievable!

    When the PATRIOT ACT (TM) was signed into law, many folks believed it would protect us from “acts of terror”. While another 9/11 didn’t happen, I’m not sure we can say that the law helped prevent them.

    The whole uproar about this is quite nice. Some might say awesome. Many folks who argued for more security, at the price of liberty are now realizing EXACTLY what the PATRIOT ACT (TM) entailed. Unfortunately, there was ZERO political will from anyone to make any changes. Who wants to be labeled as pallin’ around with terrorists? Or, worse yet, enablers of “Terrorists”. Now, there might actually be some political will to change the course of enhanced security.

    Oh, and can NSA tell me who I called on April 30th? I seem to have misplaced my friend’s phone number.

  • Pavel Chichikov
  • D.P.

    Since 9/11/2001, we, the American people, have allowed our government to:

    – Expand the government’s power to look at records on an individual’s activity being held by third parties
    – Expand the government’s authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic communications
    – Expand the government’s power to search private property without notice to the owner
    – Expand the narrow exception to the Fourth Amendment that had been created for the collection of foreign intelligence information
    – Indefinitely detain foreign nationals suspected of crimes
    – Torture people who are suspected of having information we want
    – Rename certain torture techniques “enhanced interrogation” in order to claim they are legal (this is a practice known as “doublespeak,” a term that has its roots in George Orwell’s 1984, a dystopian novel that America is increasingly resembling).
    – Put our own military personnel in danger by wantonly disregarding the Geneva Conventions in our treatment of captured foreign nationals
    – Invade other countries’ sovereign air space to carry out assassinations of their
    citizens as well as our own
    – Allow the TSA to feel up our children, elderly, and handicapped at airports, or
    choose to be irradiated instead
    – Make it legal to indefinitely detain American citizens
    – Lock down an entire city and conduct house-to-house searches, removing the residents of the houses at gunpoint. http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/04/boston-door-to-door-searches-legal/64461/
    – Strip search innocent bystanders and parade them naked through the street, without anyone in the media covering it raising any objections. (The public strip search might, I repeat might, have been justified, but walking him through the street naked was absolutely not justified.) http://www.businessinsider.com/the-naked-man-mystery-role-in-boston-2013-4

    Why are people acting surprised at this latest incursion on their civil liberties? Because now they know it involves their own phone calls? Maybe enough Americans will now wake up and say, “No more,” to do something to stop this. That is, if their attention spans are long enough.

  • Joseph

    Which congressman are being spied on, specifically? Something doesn’t sit right with me about tyis story. Sounds like the guys/gals who framed the laws that allowed them to spy on us are making an effort at false empathy by claiming “hey, we’re getting spied on too, ya’ll”. My spidey sense questions why the eye of Sauron would spy on itself, but then it spied on its acting agent, the AP. Could be an extremely paranoid eye of Sauron.

    Methinks that Obama’s recent press conference/admission regarding the ruthless murders of American citizens abroad (nevermind the thousands of non-Americans, many of which were totally innocent) carried out by drone executioners without due process (the definition of which is starting to become a war of semantics with these clowns) was an emergency broadcast by an administration who has become abundantly aware that their subjects are obtaining knowledge of their hijinks and wants to atttempt to diffuse their concern by proposing transparency… again… yeah, we know how that goes. Meanwhile, even in *enlightened* states like Boston, gun shops are running out of stock and there are lines forming at Wal-Mart of people buying ammunition. Are they doing it because they’re suddenly afraid of burglars?

    Nice how Pelosi is taking a page out of Orwell right now trying to tell everyone thatcchocolate rations have increased regarding Obamacare. You’ll be paying higher premiums with higher deductibles because you’ll be paying less.