J.R.R. Tolkien on Gay “Marriage”

J.R.R. Tolkien on Gay “Marriage” June 26, 2013

“I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’ – though it contains some samples or glimpses of final victory.”

Can’t say I’m too surprised at SCOTUS. It generally reflects the culture broadly, whether with Dred Scot or Roe. Sometimes it runs a little ahead, sometimes lags behind where We the People have decided to stampede under the lash of pop culture and Big Think.

I will note that with this decision John Roberts does his bit to completely ice the crap cake of the Bush Administration. He was, of course, the reason we absolutely had to vote for W and support his catastrophic and unjust war and cheer for the Patriot Act and muscle down the mismanagement of the economy by him and Dick “Deficits Don’t Matter” Cheney and sell our souls to make excuses for torture. Because the far off carrot of Changing the Court has been dangled in front of us for 30 years. Indeed, we have viciously attacked those who refused voting for real evils today in the hope of some imaginary anti-Roe Court tomorrow. Actual real world result of “realistically” voting Republican instead of refusing to be played? Well, even though Roberts himself *said* “Roe is settled law” we told ourselves he didn’t really mean it and he was just saying that stuff to get past the Dems.

Since then, his three signal achievements have been approval of Obamacare, the Citizen’s United (“Giant Corporations are People Too!”) decision and now this. In short, O Social Conservatives, we sent our kids to suffer brain damage, a soaring military suicide rate, VA neglect, huge veteran unemployment rate from a grateful nation, and a bailed out corporatocracy for *this* guy.

I’m *so* done voting “realistically”. I’ll vote for people who do not tell me to do grave evil that good may come of it and nobody else. And if there are none. I will find some other way of engaging the culture than politically. As it is, I largely pay attention to politics for the same reason a general tries to be aware of enemy troop movements. Our Ruling Class is not your friend.

As to the gay “marriage” decision itself: If Caesar wants to lie to himself in his paperwork and pretend that there is such a thing as gay “marriage” I’ve never really believed I could stop him for long. And it’s not like Caesar doesn’t have a long habit of lying to himself and others. The problem, of course, will be when Caesar comes after those who refuse to join him in his lie by pretending that gay “marriage” exists. It has long been evident that the ruthless narcissism of the gay community will not be able to rest with mere tolerance. The whole reason for makeing gay “marriage” a matter of law and not of private pretend ceremonies in the first place is the demand that everybody in the universe be forced to agree to this narcissistic fantasy and punished if they do not. If some couple (or trio or quartet) wants to pretend to marry somebody of the same sex, or a warehouse, or a dolphin or a dog or a roller coaster or themselves (all of which have happened, Google it), it’s a free country. Nobody’s stopping you from playing pretend and you can indeed “define marriage however you like according to his or her conscience”. But be aware that when you do that, you are saying “marriage” means anything. And when you do that, you inevitably wind up meaning “marriage means nothing.”

And into the void left by the loss of all meaning for the word “marriage” can only step the assertion of raw power in order to force people to accept, not “what marriage means according to his or her conscience” but what Caesar forces us to believe at gunpoint, because that’s how Caesar imposes his will. But that seems to be okay with a Gay culture that has been rather clear that it *likes* the exercise of draconian power against those who refuse to believe in their hearts and profess with their mouths that homosex is the source and summit of all that noble, good, pure and righteous. So, for instance, this DOJ gay infomercial for employees instructs us that when a co-worker comes out silent tolerance is not enough. You. MUST. Approve! (“DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”)

That is the shape of things to come. As a gay reader on another blog said, “You have to do what WE say now.” That’s where this is headed: toward finding a legal basis, not for tolerance, but for crushing those who will not join the pretense that there can ever be such a thing as gay “marriage” and who regard homosex as a sin.

Still and all, I will go ahead and say it: There is no such thing as gay “marriage”. Have all the trappings, enjoy all the civil benefits (I have no interest in trying to stop you). But just as baptizing a penguin does not make the penguin a Christian, so saying all the words and having the cake and the aesthetics does not make a marriage. I decline to pretend it does. And no one will ever make me.

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