We’ll See

We’ll See June 26, 2013

Guy who promised he would not interfere with religious liberty before forcing Catholics to pay for somebody else’s contraception at gunpoint, and who tried to force Lutherans to ordain who he said they should ordain now promises that he will not try to force religious institutions to accept gay “marriage”. This is the Constitutional Scholar who also believes the Executive–who coincidentally happens to be be him–has the raw power to jail citizens forever without charge and even, when he deems it appropriate by his royal, secret, and unilateral will, to murder citizens without evidence, arrest, trial, judge, jury, or appeal.

Interesting how the supine media reports it. Not that Obama “can’t” force religious institutions to accept gay “marriage” (because, you know, the Constitution), but merely that he “won’t”. Message: A royal stay of execution from our Just and Wise Leader who has pity on a defeated foe of Progress. Not an executive prevented by the rule of law from doing whatever he likes.

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