The Invaluable Fr. Robert Barron…

The Invaluable Fr. Robert Barron… June 5, 2013

on the appalling spectacle of Episcopal muckety muck Jefferts-Schori speaking of demon possession as some sort of beautiful butterfly dance of Sacred Diversity.  All I could think of is the young Fr. Damien in “The Exorcist” talking to the crusty older priest Fr. Merrin and offering his blather about how to reason with the girl.  Fr. Merrin cuts him off abruptly and says, “The devil is a liar!”

Human enemies can be appealed to with reason.  Demons are your enemy.  You give them no quarter and you do not negotiate with them or hear them out.  Jesus is brusque and business-like with demons.  He talks to them like a lion-tamer, not a group process negotiator.  His usual approach is “shut up and leave”.

Another appropriate scene is “Independence Day”.  The President asks the alien “What is it you want us to do?”

Alien: “Die.”

The devil hates us.  That’s it.  That’s all.  He’s not interested in coming to an understanding.  He wills your utter destruction in body, soul and spirit.  Don’t dink around with him.

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