Your Trivia for the Day

Your Trivia for the Day June 7, 2013

Mizaru: see-no-evil monkey
Kikazaru: hear-no-evil monkey
Iwazaru: speak-no-evil monkey

Use this knowledge for good and not for evil.

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  • Debbie Edwards

    I leave this post feeling spiritually fortified …LOL

  • James H, London

    Yes, Sensei! [bows]

  • Joshua Francis Fahey


  • Rosemarie


    I once went to a tag sale at the apartment of a recently-deceased elderly man who had a whole collection of those monkey figurines. Didn’t buy any, but it was interesting to see many variations on the theme.

  • Sue Murphy Umezaki

    Indeed! The originals are in Nikko – a short jaunt north from where I live. Come see?