WaPo Discovers the Horrors of Christian Marriage

WaPo Discovers the Horrors of Christian Marriage July 13, 2013

WaPo discovers that, in the savage wilderland of Alabama, Christians believe marriage is some sort of sacrament involving a man and a woman, not just something the government created to make two people feel good about themselves. Translators are working round the clock to try to parse this mysterious language and unlock the mysteries of this barbarous and inexplicable worldview. So far, there has been no success. Experts from the Northeast Corridor suspect that the level of pre-civilized savagery may, in fact, be so low that “Christians” are in fact incapable of being understood due entirely to them and not, of course, to the elitist arrogance of the translators.

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  • Colin Corcoran

    When 2 groups of people share no common moral or faith reference, a true understanding will always prove elusive.

    • W. Randolph Steele

      I read and reread this article 3 times and I found it to be a straight forward article about marriage in a very conservative part of America. No more and no less. I DID not find the bias Mark apparently saw. Perhaps, his own bias is at work.
      I would also point out that eh highest incidences of poverty, domestic violence and divorce are found the “Bible Belt” South.
      For a much interesting article, check out the Sunday NYT magazine article posted online about a new twist in the “hookup” culture on campus at Pen State.

      • wlinden

        I took as referring not to “bias”, but the framing which treats a commonplace wedding as something unusual and unprecedented. Apparently the readers did too…. see the comments accusing the couple of “using” their wedding to “hurt” people.

  • JeffAStevens

    Seriously…why is this news?

    • wlinden

      Especially when I have been told that the March for Life wasn’t news because “people protest things all the time”.

  • Andy

    I read the article three times and found little to see that it is problematic. The authors did I thought a good job presenting a traditional view of marriage. The commenters were both idiotic, intelligent and belligerent. If that were a reason to say an article was a problem, then heaven help the “blogosphere”.
    As someone from the Northeast I know many folks who agree with the feelings of the young couple, I don’t know tat blaming or lionizing any section of the country is a worthwhile activity.

  • Ector de Maris

    That article was just bizarre – dripping with incredulity and complete cultural illiteracy. It was like the reporter was covering nuptial rituals on Mars. At first I chalked this up as typical work of a J-school grad, but now I think this article reflects our acceleration into unreality. Gay marriage for the author and many of the commenters is a self-evident proposition, while normal marriage is, at best, a curious cultural practice of hill people and the Amish. The unreality is accelerating because even fifteen years ago, this article would not have been written. Just as recent as 2000, it wasn’t news that male Baptists often marry female Baptists.