What Child Abuse Looks Like

What Child Abuse Looks Like July 30, 2013

Narcissistic parents sending boys to some camp so the parents can prove how awesomely untethered they are to normal idea of gender by forcing the boys to dress like girls.

More narcissistic parents working out their own gender issues by putting their six year old through a sex change.

Children need adult fathers and mothers, not adolescent narcissists who use them to accessorize their eternal need to dwell on themselves and their precious Issues.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    I think even real cases of sexual disphoria – of whom I have known a few – would not be helped by being railroaded on to a fast track to sex change operations at six. Part of the process is getting to the point where you know in yourself that you have no alternative, and that is an adult experience. A child driven down this road by fanatical parents and psychologists would probably be haunted for the rest of his/her life by a doubt as to s/he really meant or wanted was done to him/her.

    • moseynon

      Fabio, I think we need to be clear that the six year is not getting a physical sex change. There is no surgery or medications involved. He is simply being allowed to dress and live as a girl.

      • That’s just the first step. He’ll be castrated before 20.

    • oregon nurse

      Yes. I will bet everyone in that audience wants to ban infant circumcision as forcing a choice on a non-consenting minor, but they will support something that may be no more than a fancy in a 3 yr old as if it’s a legitimate life choice they are ready to make with parental reinforcement.

      And there is nothing free about being taken to a camp like this. Any little non-conformist (a boy acting like a boy) is as likely to be bullied (oh so gently of course) and coerced/shamed into getting with the program as any other non-conformist of any stripe at any other camp.

  • David Elton

    Wow! Shame on those men in the first photo. I’m sure that the women who manage these horrors have convinced them that “manliness” is a barbarous concept. Crawl into the nearest hole, fellas.

    • That’s been the main message of feminism for 40 years now. And you blame them for actually listening to the lie? Talk about blame the victims!

      • David Elton

        Victims of what? The media? That’s a stretch. These are grown men, apparently watching their sons dress up and behave like girls. With most men, the disgust factor would certainly overcome any feminist “brainwashing”.

        • Victims of 40 years worth of lies in our public schools. You didn’t think that this was just “the media” did you? While mass media is important, the left wing long ago learned that you don’t need to outbreed your enemy if you can corrupt their young.

          • oregon nurse

            “you don’t need to outbreed your enemy if you can corrupt their young.”

            I’m going to remember that one. The way they kill off their offspring it’s all they have to work with.

  • Clare Krishan

    Telling photojourno-caption“In this supportive environment, the children express themselves freely” … What does ‘freely’ mean when the people you depend on for unconditional support (food, clothing, roof over your head, healthcare, education) make it conditional on their entertainment? IMHO abuse is too mild a word – child slavery comes closer, since the children ‘perform’ to earn their keep.

    • moseynon

      Clare, I agree that the situation would be abusive if the parents were requiring their children to participate. However, according to the article, the camp is a safe haven for children who identify as gender non-conforming. In other words, the parents are accommodating the desires of their child, and not the other way around.

      • Dale, I agree that the article seems different than the way it’s presented here. While I don’t laud it, it doesn’t seem to be described as “forcing” the kids to dress this way. If my kid wanted to go to a camp like this, I would not encourage it. But for the kids here, I do think it’s relevant in fairly assessing the parents’ culpability to ask whether this was the kids’ idea or theirs.

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          I always have to wonder about parental attitudes and what has been encouraged and discouraged. At the age of two, my son insisted on filching a pair of orange wedges out of my closet. He loved them. I don’t think it had anything to do with gender identity–he just adored orange at that age. He even when through a streak where he would only eat orange food. I can see, however, some parents taking that a sign of him preferring female clothes and encouraging it. Sometimes, it seems like anything is acceptable for children except the really boyish things. He can play with dolls or dress up, but we can’t let him play cowboy (with toys guns!) or pirates–or maybe pirates are okay so long as boys are acting like Johnny Depp.

      • MarylandBill

        The question here is, how do we know the kids are non-conforming? Just because their parents said so? Even if the kid appears to genuinely be non-conforming, how do we know they haven’t been encouraged to be that way by their parents.

        While there are kids who do seem to really have gender identity issues, I think it would be more important to try to treat it rather than encourage it.

  • One thing I noticed- the same parents who will discourage their daughters from wearing skirts won’t let their sons wear pants.

  • Newp Ort

    I’m not ready to call it child abuse, but that is some flakey ass shit right there.

    • Joseph

      The surgical and irreversible mutilation of a child’s genitalia sponsored by one’s parents on some strange whim is most definitely child abuse. The whole *dress your boy up like a girl* camp is probably less so, but it is evident that the parents are doing it for their own satisfaction, hence the use of the word *narcissism*.

  • Alias Clio

    First thought that comes to mind: there are many people of the type who work for Slate magazine who are horrified (legitimately, I think) by the whole “Toddlers and Tiaras” phenomenon of putting little girls in adult makeup and costumes, and sending them prancing down the aisle to model their wares. So why do the same kinds of antics for little boys not raise the same objections?

  • A J MacDonald Jr

    This is part of Satan’s agenda. The occultist is always seeking to pervert sex and gender or to be rid of sex and gender altogether. Our society, including the Church in the US, is under the control and influence of Satan, as is our government and media.