Mike Flynn on the Shroud of Turin

Mike Flynn on the Shroud of Turin August 27, 2013

He offers a nice discussion of the state of the Question, followed by an absolutely fascinating speculative reconstruction of its history, featuring a gob of documentation I was unfamiliar with. After this, I think it’s pretty darn hard to buy the “It was made in the 1340s” line of dogma.

My challenge to Shroud skeptics and similar Atheism of the Gaps types remains unchanged. If it’s a fake, make another one.

"America was never "godly." And that's not what MAGA means, not by a long shot."

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  • Student

    On a tangentially related note, I saw this article on a normally sane friend’s news feed and nearly had a heart attack when I read the headline and saw the picture.

    And then I read the article.


  • obpoet

    How would you know if you had successfully made another one, since only minute parts of the original have been analyzed in detail?