Our Dear Leader is Just and Wise

Our Dear Leader is Just and Wise August 24, 2013

I think the disloyal people who are making fun of him and questioning his just and wise Justice and Wisdom are motivated solely by racism. And, um, disloyalty. And, er, homophobia. And Climate Change Denial.

When will distrustful and selfish people here in America and around the world realize that our Dear Leader only requires these secret draconian powers until the present emergency is over and terror ceases to be a tactic of warfare?  It’s about time we started blindly trusting the State again, as our Founding Fathers would have intended had they lived in a dangerous world.  We Baby Boomer Americans, being the absolute summit of all of human history, have everything to teach and nothing to learn from the rest of the human race or human history.

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    The bad thing is that this is almost too easy. Satirizing Obama and Obamaites is getting rather close to shooting fish in a barrel.

  • Elaine S.

    Looks like our Dear Leader is trying to keep potential competition in line as well. The FAA has shut down two journalism school drone programs that have been exploring possible uses for drone aircraft in news gathering:


    “Pham (spokesman for the U of Missouri program) explains that because the COA (certificate of authorization) will restrict where the university can fly drones, “it will significantly change the way we act as a program… Within a defined airspace, its [sic] hard to imagine the kinds of stories we can produce.”

    Waite (from the U of Nebraska) echoed his concerns: “The COA process, as it stands now, is antithetical to journalism. Permits take months. You have to apply to fly in a specific location — months in advance, mind you — and your
    chances of getting a permit drop if you ask for a place in restricted
    airspace… So the kinds of stories we can do are going to be
    very limited.”

    “Pham and Waite support the use of the unmanned, camera-equipped
    vehicles as a new way to gather information in the digital age.
    According to Pham, the Missouri program has produced stories on fracking and prairie fires using its UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles with attached cameras).”

    So why would the feds want to stop some of the top J-schools in the country from exploring the use of aerial drone photography? I can’t imagine why. Though something tells me they wouldn’t care so much if they were merely using drones to photograph celebrity weddings, five-alarm fires and car chases….

    • Right now we’re transitioning from a complete restriction on drones to a much more relaxed environment. Which doesn’t make the restriction any less a constitutional violation, just more understandable. They (FAA) don’t know what they are doing right now and are flying by the seat of their pants.

  • Lee Johnson

    Problem is this appears to be a bipartisan effort.