Reader Adam Bowers has a Noble Aspiration

Reader Adam Bowers has a Noble Aspiration August 22, 2013

He writes:

I’m very grateful that you helped me launch my blog a month or so ago, and I wonder if you might consider helping me fulfill another dream: I’d like to attend “Sierra Nevada Beer Camp” — people can watch my video and vote for me. My video explains the reasons why I want to go (hint: it’s about Catholic Joy). The ten submissions that get the most votes win a place at Beer Camp. People can vote once a day until the contest ends September 30.

Vote early. Vote often.

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  • Mark:

    I am very grateful for this. Bless you and thank you! I’ve also added a link to the video here:


  • etme

    Watched the video. Voted. Go Adam! P.S. His is video number 9 there on the site.

  • Michael in ArchDen

    #8 and climbing!

  • My video was unexpectedly removed from the competition today. I learned that although my entry was accepted weeks ago, it was removed because it contained some pictures of my family, and minors cannot be a part of the submissions for legal reasons. The rules say minors cannot be part of the “featured content” but are okay if their appearance is “incidental”. Sometimes children are present at family gatherings at my home. Go figure. Anyway, my corrected entry should be online by Friday morning. Thanks to anyone who tried to vote. In the meantime, you can check out the what the fuss is all about at

  • terri

    it is number 11