Since It’s Our Birthday, Preciousssss

Since It’s Our Birthday, Preciousssss August 5, 2013

I have decided to treat you all to this… thing:

If you are good, I will not follow it up at Christmas with the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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  • Jared Clark

    Happy birthday!

  • Best wishes.

  • ivan_the_mad

    A very happy birthday to you! Surely I’ve a dusty old mathom around here to gift you …

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so simultaneously amused and disturbed before. Kudos to the rapper, and happy birthday–’tis my brother’s birthday too.

  • capaxdei

    Happy birthday, Mark. And remember: All men are frail, but you must admit that none is more frail than yourself.

    (I got you a quotation from Imitiation of Christ. I hope you like it.)

    • chezami

      It’s just what I needed! Thanks!

  • PeonyMoss

    Happy Birthday Dark Lord!

  • Chris Chan

    Happy birthday, Mark!

  • KM

    Happy Birthday, Mark. I had no idea that August 5 was your birthday since I’m a rather new reader/commenter here. What’s coincidental is that August 5 is my birthday too. (Not kidding)

    Wishing you lots of blessings in the year(s) ahead.

  • Sherry

    My children made me watch this twice. Hope you have a happy birthday.

  • Neil Leslie

    Make it stop. Please.

  • Rosemarie


    Happy belated birthday!