To Stop Al-Quaeda…

To Stop Al-Quaeda… August 9, 2013

suppose we stop bombing and occupying Muslim lands?

"Well. Religion is interesting. :)"

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  • Fabio Paolo Barbieri

    Suppose you bothered to wonder whether the motivation of Al Qaeda and similar bodies has anything to do with that? It takes one side to start a war, and as it happens our side did not start this one.

    • Rebecca Duncan

      I think everyone has thought about that already. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about something else. I think that’s what he’s saying.

    • chezami

      It’s not a question of their motivation. It’s a question of whether our current policies do the job of destroying them or acting as huge recruitement tools for them.

      • Pofarmer

        AQ will recruit whether we have a presence there or not. They will radicalize youth, whether we have a presence there or not.

      • Our current policies are not correct. The whole conversation has to start over from the actual history which is that long prior to the US being founded, Islam cast itself on the rocks and made a religious decision that destroyed their civilizational advantage and forced them to be an also-ran. I’m talking about the closure of the possibility of independent thought and analysis called the closure of the gates of ijtihad. They coasted, quietly lost their advantage, have panicked, and are seeking to cast blame and distract from the fact that their islamic civilization in the vast majority case is at a dead end.

        In the modern world of economic and scientific progress, this is deadly. It is deadly because the difficulty to make WMD is a constant but the technology empowering the common man keeps improving and will go long beyond the point past which sub-national groups can create weapons of mass destruction and it will continue long past the point where such enabling technology is so commonplace that it is tossed in the garbage heap to get the next generation which will be more fashionable.

        Even a third rate civilization that has decided to stop thinking can pick things from the trash. And thus this angry, stagnant civilization will gain nuclear weapons to go along with their heavy sense of grievance.

        So given that the closure of the gates of ijtihad happened in the 900s or thereabouts and the civilizational stagnation caused by it is the fundamental problem of the muslim world, the US’ actions or inaction cannot cure this. The well known and long-used technique of distracting a populace with irrelevancies has caused repression and aggression time and again because the muslims do not have a way out that they have been able to take.

        As the most powerful country outside Islam’s ummah, we are a natural focus of the efforts to distract. We can let ourselves be queued up as the devil of the age and prep for frequent war with Islam or we can attempt to befriend their governments and drive their efforts in a different direction.

        This film, by taking up the story at this point, fails to grasp the nature of the problem and, naturally, comes to the wrong conclusion.

        I do not want to be under sharia court death sentence. I want to have religious liberty to share my love for Jesus with anyone, including muslims. I want my children safe. In the current state of affairs, this is difficult.

        The video, at best, is identifying weaknesses in our present strategy but offers no guidance for actually coming to grips with the root problem and steers the conversation to a place where it is conducted in ignorance. This is not a service.

  • obpoet

    Its a good thought, but it also seems to be a very narrow view of history. I fear they are the Borg.

  • wlinden

    Won’t help, because anything they dislike (or pretend to dislike), and in particular anything Israel does, will be blamed on the US anyway.

    I remember Greeks and Greek-Americans blaming the US for the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. There argument, as far as I could make out, was that nothing could take place anywhere in the world without the approval of Kissinger.

  • Lee Johnson

    Bin Laden’s statements after 9/11 was exactly that — he wanted U.S. troops out of Saudi Arabia, and he wanted the U.S. to pressure the Chinese and Russians to stop their oppression in Muslim lands in Central Asia. He wanted us to stop supporting Israel. He wanted us to stop supporting Muslim governments that oppose his partisans. Basically, he told us to take our stuff and go home.

    • Vicq Ruiz

      Basically, he told us to take our stuff and go home.

      Israel is not “our stuff” to be taken home. Although it’s certainly true that AQ would like to see Israel returned to its 1946 borders.

      What would really interesting to see would be what happens if Israel ever reaches the conclusion that she is absolutely on her own, that there is no support coming from the USA under any circumstances.

      I have a hunch that the jihadis (and their dupes in the West) might not like the result.

      • Lee Johnson

        The argument goes like this: In 1973, the Israelis were out of bullets. The only thing that stopped the Arabs from “reclaiming” Israel was U.S. resupply. They believe if they can sever the link between the U.S. and Israel, they can fight Israel and win. Of course, Israel has 100 nukes now and second strike capability, so it’s been a new ballgame since about 74. If Israel concludes she is on her own, she’s got what she calls the Samson option.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    The sad fact is that U.S. policy over the past 11 years has given bin Laden exactly what he wanted: radical Islam at war with the U.S. and vice versa.
    Until the West weans itself of foreign oil, we will continue to bomb and occupy the Middle East. Because those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • Radical Islam at war with the US has been a fact since at least the time of Qutb.

  • Vicq Ruiz

    Given that they are still pissed off about the Reconquista, there may be some lag time before this plan shows results.

  • TomD

    Imagine my surprise . . . it’s easy if you try . . . nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too . . . you may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.

    Looks like the Paulinistas have a new campaign song. Or maybe they should be more careful with the words they choose to convey their message.

    • chezami

      Only in the fever swamps of the Right can you find people who seriously think thatt Patrick Buchanan an John Lennon are indistinguishable.

      • TomD

        If I . . . and, by the way, not absurdly concluding Buchanan and Lennon to be “indistinguishable” . . . immediately thought of the association of the reference to Imagine with John Lennon’s song, so did many others.

        Better message control is in order if you wish to convince more people than inhabit the fever swamps of Paulinista-land. It’s easy if you try.

  • Robert

    Imagine an ‘Army From Faraway Lands’ sends its commandos to kill
    2000+ Americans, but this ‘Army’ is not accountable to any government, any
    people or any international laws or pressure; that fact they can’t even be
    found! Would America try to make a dent, if that is possible at all? Is our
    memory that short and reason paralyzed ? Having said that, there is something called overstaying and getting lost in the fog. Yes, get out. Minimize. Whatever.
    And yes Iraq was a horrible mistake. Yes, American troops do not need to be anywhere but home. In turn those ‘Armies From Faraway Lands’ might stop hating, stop having a cause and could have a hard time recruiting commandos !! (Oh wait, does this video include UN missions too? Don’t those people in those war torn tribes hate the presence of foreign armies in ‘their’ soil? Don’t they rather be raped and killed by their arch-enemy clans than seeing ‘foreigners’ in white trucks roaming around? hmm…well, it’s bit messy. That video seems too simple minded to do any justice to the mess)