Absolutely Clueless Media…

Absolutely Clueless Media… September 23, 2013

My two fave moments so far.  An AP headline that reads “Pope Comes Out Against Abortion” (duh) and this piece of complete bafflement from the Country that Used to be England:

Pope Francis encouraged Catholic doctors to refuse to perform abortions today in a bizarre U-turn …

Seriously.  A college-educated person spoke of the Pope reiterating opposition to abortion as a “bizarre U-turn”.  You really don’t need to read the rest.  It’s embarrassing how illiterate our Beer and Shampoo Purveyors are.

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  • Spastic Hedgehog

    Thankfully not all the media are clueless. I was interviewed last week by a local cable news reporter doing a story on the interview. I made sure to say at least 3 times in the interview that doctrine wasn’t changing and encouraged her to read (not skim) the interview herself. The piece was accurate when aired and I got a note from her that evening saying that she enjoyed the interview, read the context of the quote and understood what he was trying to say,that nothing had changed or would be changing in the future, and that she looked forward to reading more of his work. She’s a practicing Episcopalian. Good fruits abound.

    • Sounds like a very sound, level-headed reaction on your part. Let’s all hope for as much grace.

      Sooner or later, all those liberal types who profess to admire Francis are going to have to buckle down and actually start reading him (because that’s what you do when you admire someone, right?) and then I can predict some startling things — even conversions! — happening.

      • Alex Marsh

        I admire Francis for his compassion: I never expected him to show non-Catholic views, because he is, after all, the earthly head of the Catholic church. What sets him apart in my mind is his obvious, extroverted compassion and humility. That is why most people admire him, not because they expect him to be a complete liberal.

        • Well, all those reasons you listed are certainly reasons I admire him too, and I understand you are the same, but there are huge numbers of people who think he is “their” Pope because he will supposedly change doctrine. A great many of them are Catholics!

  • introvert_prof

    Well, it’s the Daily Mail so what do you expect?

  • Pavel Chichikov

    I read in the Telegraph that an Australian priest who advocates abortion and same sex marriage has been excommunicated and defrocked.

  • WesleyD

    I think that the AP probably now realizes that they distorted the pope’s words but are too embarrassed to retract their first story.

    The new story continues to claim: “Pope Francis encouraged Catholic doctors
    to refuse to perform abortions today in a bizarre U-turn on comments
    yesterday that condemned the church’s obsession with such ‘small-minded

    But in fact, he used the term “small-minded rules” in answer to a completely different question than the one that reference abortion. And the word “obsessed” was used in yet a third context.

  • wlinden

    “The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country.” — Jim Hacker.

  • Katie in FL

    Bizarre U-turn?! He didn’t even change lanes in traffic!