Reactionaries aren’t Jew-Hating Weirdos or Anything

Reactionaries aren’t Jew-Hating Weirdos or Anything September 23, 2013

A reader responds to my link on the Jewish mom who got 3228 Jews out of Syria as any normal person would:

Just curious to know. Are you a cryto jew ? Just asking after reading through your blog, and your bias against Church History and using terminology that contradicts etc…

Yes.  Yes I am. When my grandparents left the shtetl in Cork, we Sheasteins were determined to blend in, marry shiksas and inseminate Gentiles with our corrupt seed so as to continue the Conspiracy. You have clearly ferretted out my nefarious Jewishness and my sinister agenda, Gentle (or should I say, Gentile) Reader. My defenses of the Catholic Church and my insistence that “all that the Holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims is revealed by God” are part of my deep cover as we continue our great work of subversion outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Unfortunately, my unfamiliarity with Truly True Catholic terminology and my bias against Church history (evidently meaning “acknowledgement of the Holocaust and similar things that ‘never happened and besides they deserved it'”) keeps giving me away.  I must work on that.  Meanwhile, I will have to send Mossad out to trace this person’s IP and have them eradicated, as is Our Way.

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  • MeanLizzie

    Well, you DO know that Ireland was a resting place for the Lost Tribe of Dan, right? So we all know you’re really Jewish, Shea. Oh, and…um, I am too.

    • chezami

      Don’t betray the Tribe, Scaliaberg.

  • kenofken

    When I see posters like that, it seems so absurd that my first instinct (perhaps hope), is that it’s just Sascha Baron Cohen yanking our leg or some guy with an organic brain disease who just can’t help himself. I suppose you really do get plenty of sincere anti-Semites in your inbox though….

    Family lore has it that some of my ancestors might have been actual “Crypto-Jews”. Being a Jew openly in 19th Century Eastern Europe wasn’t quite Ferdinand’s Spain, but it was still a dodgy business. Supposedly some guy on my dad’s side was thought to be Jewish because he sang his prayers in Cantor-like form and in Yiddish, or maybe just was a little “too fluent” in Yiddish or something along those lines.

    I have no real idea if he was in fact Jewish or if someone in his town started the rumor because they thought he had a house worth robbing in the next 3 a.m. Pogrom “block party.” It does make you think about the difficult choice most of us will never make about survival vs unbending defense of one’s faith, martyrdom for one’s faith vs living to fight another day and keeping that faith from extinction.

  • Stu

    I like how you put bait out for someone like this and then use one response to prove your generalization.

    I’m shocked that you found a fringe element on the Internet.

    • Harry

      Bait for anti-semites = a quick post on the actions of a heroic woman?

      • Stu

        Let’s give Mark more credit than that. With a title like ” Finally! An Actual Jewish Conspiracy!”…it’s bait. The story is great on it’s own merits. No need to wrap it up in “Jewish Conspiracy” talk unless that is where you want the conversation to go. And Mark did want it to go there.

        • ivan_the_mad

          The idea of insidious Jewish conspiracies is much bigger than Mark’s comboxes and historically precedes them by more than a few years. Here we have an actual conspiracy by a Jew … to save people. It’s funny in something of a “life imitates art” irony, and that’s just how I took it.

          Whatever happened to reading people as charitably as possible? Or do you make exception to your maxim for Mark?

          • Stu

            I don’t deny the talk about “Jewish conspiracies.” Of course there are wackos out there like that. But I fail to see why he has to connect a great story about a woman helping others to those who hold such theories. Do you? Is it relevant?

            As to reading him charitably. I do. I really do and I have been for some time. And because of that, I’m actually one who will take the time to tell him that his “fly is down” in public when others just cheer him on.

            Mark has a consistent theme of late in his tribal war with reactionaries/tradtitionalis/rad-trads or whatever he is calling them today and shrieking “anti-semite” whenever he finds such extreme views on the internet. Couple that with him being an extremely clever writer together with the whiplash highlighting of the first extreme viewpoint he gets in his commbox and yeah, I think he set the bait for yet another hot post on those anti-Semitic guys, that “thank God” are not like us.

            • ivan_the_mad

              “Do you? Is it relevant?” Did I not explain above why I found the connection funny?

              You are not reading him charitably when you assume an ulterior and inflammatory motive (especially after I’ve provided a far more innocuous explanation). But I will remember that your idea of a charitable reading does not include the benefit of the doubt and does include assuming nefarious motive if you think there is sufficient context for it.

              The problem with beating a drum hard is that people will readily notice when you stop.

              • Stu

                I understand why you think it is funny. That wasn’t my question. It’s not relevant.

                And yes, I could assume that Mark Shea was so dull-witted that he had no idea what he was doing when he titled that post. And yes, I could have assumed that it given the weeks of consistent posting about the anti-Semitic reactionary bogeymen that this was just a ham-handed blunder on his part. But thing is, I don’t believe he is dull-witted nor ham-handed because I have been reading him for so long. So your drum-beating comparison is apt and I don’t think he stopped beating his drum.

                Reading someone charitably doesn’t mean giving up all form of reason or context.

                • ivan_the_mad

                  It’s not relevant to the ironic humor? Oh dear, Stu.

                  I apologize for my ambiguous statement – I was referring in fact to a drum that you beat.

                  • Stu

                    I know that you were referring to me.

                    The fact that you didn’t realize it is my chance to laugh.

                    • ivan_the_mad

                      I’m sorry that you feel the need to be uncharitable, I meant that in good faith.

                    • Stu

                      My being humored is from the further irony of it all. It has nothing to do with you personally.

                • chezami

                  The “Jewish conspiracy” thing was actually suggested to me by somebody who sent the link. I thought it was funny so I passed it on. That a Reactionary weirdo decided to batten on it doesn’t make it “bait”. It does make your ridiculous attempt to deny the existence of Reactionary Weirdos and you attempt to blame me for noting their existence extra silly in this case. News flash: I’m not going to walk on eggshells and keep from cracking a perfectly good joke lest some Reactionary weirdo can’t restrain himself from spewing in response to some Pavlovian trigger.

                  • Stu

                    I don’t deny the existence of crazy people and wacky viewpoints. I’m on the Internet frequently enough to see them as this channel brings them together more dense than a cow patty brings flies. In fact, I can point you to some real doozies that I have come across.

                    And assuming you weren’t out to bait them, when they do respond why do you give them what they are looking for which is legitimacy? And why do you feel the need to generalize the thoughts of these people to much larger groups? What purpose does that serve? And further, given your penchant for going after so-called traditionalists and attempting to attach every known extreme thought under the sun (including antisemitism) over the last few months, is it really any wonder that some may conclude the Mark Shea continue to look for an online flame war? Is that really that far fetched?

                    • Obpoet

                      Dude. You are deep in a hole. Put the shovel down and back away. You are not that important. None of us are. Let it go, move on.

            • chezami

              Stu: Not super complicated. I linked a story about a heroic Jewish woman and joke that there was finally a true Jewish conspiracy story. Normal people get the joke. Only one sort of person from one sort of subculture sees a story like that and is moved to ask, in all seriousness, if I am a crypto-Jew. You have to be frickin’ crazy to ask that question. And, frankly, you have to be out of your mind to call that post “baiting” anybody. I was not expecting that response from the lunatic who asked the question. I was expecting chuckles for my joke and admiration for the woman from the Normal American community.

              • Stu

                Fair enough and I apologize for thinking this was a continuation in your reactionary/traditionatlist/rad-trad anti-Semitic theme of late.

                That being said, then really no need to highlight the one crazy who responded and attempting to yet again link extreme viewpoints to the so-called traditionalist subculture. Instead, you could have just deleted the crazy comment and moved on. You have certainly done it before.

        • Harry

          Yes, now I see – that monstrous egoist Mark Shea deliberately stoked the sensitive feelings of the Jew-Haters by not dialing down the Jewishness of a story concerning a Jewish woman.
          For shame, Mark! For shame!

          • Stu

            Oh, please.

            The whole “Jew Hating” reactionary/tradtionalist/rad-trad story line has been a mainstay of Mark’s for some time. I don’t care about “hurt feelings” (to include repeated references to being kicked in the groin) in all of this and the references to “dialing down the Jewishness” aren’t even relevant to my comment (nor reflective of my views). I’m simply pointing out that Mark put out the bait so that he could whip up the masses again on the topic.

            • chezami

              Stu: In the Normal American community, a joke like the one I made is called a “joke”. People laugh. They see the humor. They admire the woman. They move on. In only one subculture is the joke I told seen as “baiting”. Because in only one community is saying something nice about Jews treated as an insult. If you want to make excuses for the Reactionary Lunatic, you are welcome to do so. But I didn’t regard what I was writing as “baiting” because I saw my joke as addressed to the Normal American community, not to nutjobs who seriously wonder if I am a “crypto-Jew”. My suggestion is that you stop while you are behind.

              • Stu

                I like now how you try to link me to the crazy person, insinuate that I am not normal or marginalize me as part of the subculture (I guess I am an anti-semite now) because I see your headline as baiting. Really? That’s what you want to do?

                My conclusion is based upon actually reading you daily; enough to know that when begin to attack the messenger you are feeling on shaky ground.

                • Dave P.


                  Mark’s been also branded “Jew-hater” and “anti_semite” when he’s criticized the actions of the Israeli government, or the tendency of conservatives and Evangelicals to defend Israel no matter what. How can he win?

                  • contrarian

                    By ignoring the nonsense and not writing posts that feature it.

                  • Stu

                    I know he has, which make his attempt to label me as such all the more the puzzling.

                    How do you win? Stay out of the game of labeling groups. There is no winner. Focus on ideas.


                    I’ve been called a racist. Yet I am in a mixed marriage.
                    I’ve been called a conservative/liberal. Yet I am not in any party.
                    I’ve been called neo-Catholic. Yet I attend Mass in the EF.
                    I’ve been called a schismatic. Yet I have and will attend the OF.
                    It’s now been implied that I am an anti-semite. Yet my best friend and roommate in Flight School (and drinking buddy all through college) is Jewish and he would often call me the “Yiddish Catholic.”

                    Who gives a crap what people label you? It does’t mean squat and those who continually focus on such nonsense or attempt to pigeon-hole others into those groups out of philosophical laziness aren’t worth the time or effort. And at the end of the day, it only serves to further enflame fruitless discord. We can do better. We can discuss ideas.

        • Mariana Baca

          Or, it is just amusing to poke fun at conspiracy theories? Just a thought.

          • Stu

            It can be. But context is everything.

        • Silly me, I just thought Mark was making a lighthearted joke with that headline, not actually trying to attract anti-semites.

          • Stu

            Silly you.

            Perhaps I actually read him too much, too in depth and take him too seriously. Silly me, I guess.

        • chezami

          Uh, no. It’s not. It’s a joke. Sorry that my joke brought out one of the many Jew-hating weirdos so common in reactionary circles when that messes up you No True Scotsman insistence that they don’t exist, but you should really take that up with the weirdo, not me.

          • Stu

            Sigh. Again, I have not or ever denied that extreme viewpoints exist. Instead:

            – I have questioned the likening of extreme viewpoints found on the web to the whole population of a particular group. Just as I would say that the Native American Alaskan is not indicative of the entire population of Maine.

            – I have question the value in you consistent highlighting these individuals given it only serves to give them legitimacy and has gotten you into a practice of going after snipers in a crowed with a blunderbuss to the point that you are weakening your own brand.

            As an alternative, I have suggested that you pass on attacking people or groups (because you just aren’t good at it and it hurts your brand) and instead focus on attacking bad ideas (which you are really good at). You are letting those who would attack you, pull you into an area where they are stronger and you are weaker. You are a tank attempting to fight in a swamp.

            Now you might not like how I have attempted to deliver the message and I may not always be adept at delivering it. But you cannot deny that I have attempted to give you business advice and REAL support for your overall endeavor.

      • Joe

        Stu, you are a sad little man.

        • Stu

          Noted. Thank God then that you are better than me.

          • Better than “I”.

            • Stu

              That makes two of us.

    • Bill

      I often agree with you, but you’re dead wrong here Stu.

    • chezami

      Commending a heroic Jewish lady is “bait”?

  • Ronin Catholic

    Well- truth be told- We are all nothing more than honorary Jews. We get in because we are friends of Joshua bar Joseph, Miriam’s boy.

    • kenofken

      I was once welcomed into the tribe by a drunk French guy. He spotted the pentagram ring on my finger and took it for a Star of David. I tried explaining the distinction, but he had been drinking since early in the day and would have none of it. “No, no. If you are Jewish, that’s cool with me.”

      I thanked him for his tolerance and told him he would be remembered as a righteous man in Israel!

    • Stu

      “Spiritual Semites” as Pope Pius XI reminded us.

  • Chris Ferrara

    Mark, Mark, Mark,

    Is this how you spend your days? Waiting by your computer for some crackpot to post a crackpot comment on your blog and then brandishing the comment as typical of “reactionary”–i.e. Catholic traditionalist–thought?

    Consider: the Alex Jones conspiracy crowd includes vast numbers of people who attend New Mass parishes, and bona fide anti-Semites are found there as well.

    You have suggested that Mike Voris is a “Jew-Hater” because he interviewed E. Michael Jones, but Jones is not only not a traditionalist, he has attacked traditionalists (including me) in his magazine.

    Go outside, get some fresh air, and consider whether trolling the com boxes for nut cases is really a reliable way to assess a legitimate constituency in the Church. You need to broaden your perspective and do so some serious reading.

    Chris Ferrara

    • contrarian

      There are more things to consider.

      1) Voris was spotted at an Acton Institute shin-dig, yet Jones has written not a small number of paragraphs in criticism of Sirico.

      2) Yet! Ferrara and Jones seem to agree on much when it comes to ‘The Church and the Libertarian.’

      3) Yet! Ferrara and Voris were spotted at the same conference *just this past weekend*, being all friendly-like.

      4) However! Ferrara has also been featured on Distributist Review, but Kevin O’Brien also writes for D-Review. And Shea often links to both O’Brien, and to the D-Review.

      5) However Ryan Grant also writes for Distributist Review….but Ryan Grant ALSO writes for Faithful Answers.

      And now we come to the piece de resistance.

      Guess who else works for Faithful Answers?

      “So, logically…if she weighs the same as a duck…”

      Q. E. D.

      • RoxanneRoxanadana

        Anyone who believes that the past seven popes are serving Satan is, well, let’s just say they are not as well balanced as other persons who do not hold such views. That stuff is redolent of musings of Jared Loughner, James Holmes, & Aaron Alexis.

        So, anyways, has the RCC lived up to its responsibilities to public safety? Have they banned Father Gruner from owning assault weapons?

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      Anyone speaking at a Fatima conference pretty much wants to line the Jews up & shoot them.

  • quasimodo

    oy vey!

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    Is it just me, or is anyone else curious what a “cryto-Jew” is but afraid to google it? I keep thinking of “The Frozen Chosen” but if I recall, that’s the Calvinists.

    • Mariana Baca

      I assumed it was “crypto-jew” — but I hope I’m not accused of explaining the obvious. 🙂 I did imagine “cryo-Jews” for a minute, too, though.

      • Stu

        Now I do find the confusion that the misspelling caused to be humorous given the word he misspelled.

    • “Crypto-Jew” was probably the *only* part of that comment I understood. The rest left me thinking “…Huh?”

    • Lee Penn

      The Frozen Chosen are the Episcopalians. I know; I used to be one.

      • George Lower

        I’ve also heard the term used in reference to Presbyterians…

  • wlinden

    I am Jewish enough for any real anti-Semites, but not for “the” Jews, as I made the wrong choice of mother.

  • Nick Corrado

    “Meanwhile, I will have to send Mossad out to trace this person’s IP and have them eradicated, as is Our Way.” Sounds kind of sketchy, when are you guys going to upgrade to albino assassins?

  • steve5656546346

    I have heard your repeated allegations, but that has not been my experience at all among traditional Catholics. An an idiot (or several) in the combox does not sway me.

    • chezami

      Note that you are equating Reactionaries with Traditionalists. Why do you do that? And if you are denying the existence of Reactionaries and their Jew-hatred, who *are* all those people jabbering about Jews and denying the Holocaust in the comboxes here:‎

  • Thomas Boynton Tucker

    May I suggest that you reply to such writers with: Geh kak afen yam.

    • Stu

      Or delete them and move on.

      • Thomas Boynton Tucker

        Well,yeah, you could do that too but it ain’t Yiddish !

        • Stu

          Admittedly true. What’s Yiddish for “Delete the wackiness”?