Of Dogs, Fleas, and Jordan Peterson

Of Dogs, Fleas, and Jordan Peterson November 17, 2018

Poor Jordan Peterson. He famously chose to hang out with visible-from-space members of the white supremacist, neo-Nazi Alt Right:

Now he tries to tell the Freak Show that anti-semitism is bad and the Freak Show turns on him:

I commend him for telling off the Jew-hating Freak Show. I hope the bad blood between them continues and that the Freak Show declares him their Public Enemy #1. It is a badge of honor to have the hatred of that crowd of creepy crawly monsters.

But here’s the thing: Catholics who have been anointing this guy the guru of the universe should really ask themselves whether it is wise to trust the judgment of somebody who is only just now figuring out that lying down with Nazi dogs means you might get up with their fleas. Anybody of common sense would (and did) try to warn the Wisest Guru on the Internet that hanging around with these clowns was a massively stupid thing to do.

I know, I know. “Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners. He that is sick needeth the physician.” I’d take that seriously if I saw the Catholic venerators of Peterson spending any time criticizing the Alt Right racists he was in bed with and not constantly explaining that the Alt Right are not racists.

This is why I have refused to jump on the Peterson bandwagon and why I have long ago concluded that American Conservative Catholics have the worst judgment and the worst sense of discernment in the world. If they are unanimous in their passion for or against something, I go in the exact opposite direction and have never yet been proven wrong to do so. They have been so wrong about so much so many times for so long only a fool would trust their judgment. This is just one more example. And I can hardly wait till my comboxes are invaded by the inevitable kooks explaining that Peterson’s only mistake was to break with the Jew-haters.

I look forward to blocking them.

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