Ardent Neocon Preaches More War

Ardent Neocon Preaches More War September 11, 2013

If we don’t attack Syria, it will make it harder to attack Iran!  War!  More War!  Ever War!

It’s amazing how much these guys sound like Commies with their commitment to exportation of The Revolution at gunpoint, no matter how stupid and counter-productive.  Sure the war ideology doesn’t work in reality. But it does work in theory, dammit!

On this day in which we remember when some other warlike jerks achieved a “limited airstrike with no boots on the ground” against thousands of civiliian victims–a strike that the neocons parlayed into a catastrophic decade of fruit war in the service of social engineering–I for one pray that the neocons will never again have influence again.  They are peas in a pod with all those who try to usher in the Millennium through murder.

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