Live Science Does a Story on Priestly Celibacy

Live Science Does a Story on Priestly Celibacy September 25, 2013

So this is odd.  A couple of days ago I get a request for an interview with a writer for  Live Science, of all things, wanting to discuss priestly celibacy.  I’m still not super-clear on why a pop sci site would want to talk about it, but it seemed like a chance to discuss the Faith with an audience that doesn’t get a lot of exposure to accurate information about what Catholics believe, so I said okay.

The interview was a pleasure to do.  The writer, Tia Ghose, is Jewish and so a lot of the theology and inside Catholic baseball was unfamiliar to her.  She asked reasonable questions and, in the resulting text, more or less got what I had to say about as well as could be expected for somebody coming at the issue from outside the Catholic tradition.  Some of our conversation isn’t mentioned and a lot is paraphrased in ways I wouldn’t quite put it.  But on the whole, about as reasonable as you would expect from a pop sci site that basically has a sociological, not theological, approach to the matter.

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