NeoCon Traitors

NeoCon Traitors September 6, 2013

Long ago, Patrick Buchanan received a bull of excommunication from the neocons as an Unpatriotic Conservative for the grave sin of refusing to back their plans for salvation through democratic capitalist militarism.  They snookered the Right into buying the notion that their Machiavellian war worship was patriotism and denounced critics as disloyal.

Now the paladins of patriotism and loyalty are themselves showing their willingness to ditch all ties of honor and loyalty as they continue to whore for war.  The “true conservative” neocons are now embracing Obama in their deathless zeal for war, betraying both party and country by dragging us toward this supreme stupid scheme of supporting Al Quaida.  And lots of Republicans seem to be grasping what creeps these guys really are.

Fundamental rule of thumb: don’t snort the Kristol Meth.  Whatever that false prophet advises, do the opposite.  Wherever he points, run the opposite direction.  He has an absolute charism for sheer wrongness.

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