Ruling Class Teenage Supervillains vs. the Only Grownup on the World Stage

Ruling Class Teenage Supervillains vs. the Only Grownup on the World Stage October 14, 2013

On the one hand, the men and women We the People elected to high office continue to act like adolescent Dr. Evils–threatening to destroy the world economy if their petulant demands for ego assuagement are not met. The Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation realize, to their horror, that the monsters they have created might actually do something this crazy, resulting not only in the normal neglect of the poor, but even in devastation to the rich, which they never intended. So we now have a situation in which the GOP leadership is being told to decouple Obamacare from the debt limit (since they are not going to win), but because they’ve already gone this far in a losing struggle, they need something for their egos so they won’t look like total losers. And if their egos are not assuaged, they seriously propose to destroy the world economy. Sin truly makes people stupid, especially proud people–with which our Ruling Class abounds.

(And before you say something even more stupid, be aware that all Obamacare means to me is a monthly payout of hundreds of dollars I can’t afford in welfare to an insurance company. So don’t even start. Part of the absolute stupidity of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism is that it meets every critique with charges that the critic is a damn librul and closet Obama supporter. Conspiracy theories being history for stupid people, political ideologies that rely on conspiracy theories to explain why they lose are political ideologies for stupid people. Hence the enormous popularity of catering to idiots who fabricate and believe stupid crap when such idiotic conspiracy-mongering is easily and documentably falsifiable.  Message: Fight smarter.)

On the other hand, actual grownup Pope Francis loves Mary and doesn’t hesitate to say so and consecrate the world to her Immaculate Heart.

If the world survives this week of absolutely juvenile and ego-driven brinksmanship, it will be because Mary hears the prayers of her children and intercedes for them with her Son, not because of the reckless fools we elected because it was the “realistic” thing to do. If it does not–if these complete and total idiots burn down the global economy because of their vain need to “save face”–our children will curse us and we will deserve it.

The purpose of the state is to serve the common good. Dynamiting the world’s economy because you don’t want to feel like a loser does not serve the common good. Duh.

Mother Mary, pray for us and our feckless leaders.

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