is evil is evil October 1, 2013

Somehow, my browser has been altered so that, even though Google is my home page, my default search engine is now (mysteriously installed  by iMesh).  I want this crappy search engine off my browser and Google restored as my default, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it.  Can one of you help me?  And could the rest of you form a mob to march on and burn their corporate headquarters to the ground?  Thank you!

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  • PeonyMoss

    What browser are you using?

    • Yeah: depending on which browser you’re using you’ll either need to uninstall the toolbar from Windows, deactivate it in your browser settings, or change it as your default search engine in your browser settings (if it’s not a toolbar, but it definitely sounds like an add-in hijack).

      • chezami

        I’m using Internet Explorer.

        • dan

          and therein lies the problem. I would advise avoiding Internet Explorer like the plague. Chrome or Firefox are much better.

          • YodaMan200

            A wise one “dan” is… mmm-hmmm!

        • dbp

          1. Click on the Gear icon (for “Tools”), then “Manage add-ons”. Verify “Toolbars and extensions” is selected on the left, then find the toolbar (and all related plugins) in the list on the right. Highlight each and click “Disable”.
          2. While still in the “Manage add-ons” window, choose “Search Providers” on the left. Remove any ones you don’t want from the list at right and choose Google as the default.
          3. In “Programs and Features” (hopefully you’re not using something so old it’s called “Add or remove programs”, find and uninstall anything related.

          • chezami

            Perfect! Thanks! I sent to the abyss.

        • ha, there’s your problem right there. IE is teh evil.

          But dbp’s instructions below will work. Either that, or go to and install a variety of other browsers.

        • Joe

          You should consider Firefox.

          • Colin Gormley

            Firefox is too slow. Chrome all the way baby!

            • Silly Interloper

              Yeah, Chrome is faster–until the flash player (usually not even playing anything) brings it to its knees, which is, like, most of the time.

              • Colin Gormley

                Haven’t had any issues with that. Then again I run on a gaming rig most of the time. 😉

            • FromDaUK

              Ummmmmmmm… no… I don’t think that’s right…

              • Colin Gormley

                Perhaps. I’m simply stating that my comp is built for medium to high end video games, so I might have a bit more horsepower than others might. Not sure what the issue might be with the flash player and Chrome, as I have not experienced it. And Firefox loads too slow for my taste.

        • jroberts548

          Step 1: Stop pretending it’s the 90s and that internet explorer is a thing.

          Step 2: Download Chrome or Firefox.

        • Internet Explorer is a tool that comes bundled with your computer that allows you to download Firefox or Chrome immediately. Once you have used the tool for this purpose, do not use it again.

        • LSpinelli

          Firefox. For sure.

          Just two add-ons for Firefox took care of the flotsam: Ghostery and Adblock Plus.

          • Clare Krishan

            this is how hubby set me up also,

            Regretably he’s been back repeatedly to work on the family PC of friends of ours who didn’t want to switch from IE… the first couple of times were opportunities to ‘do a work of mercy’ but increasingly I feel that urge to ‘hate’ Mark speaks of not just towards the companies that do this sort of thing but also consumers who acquiesce to it for convenience’s sake… this sort of ‘taken for granted’ expropriation IMHO should be outlawed.

            Imagine any other appliance in your home, for example the washing machine, ceasing to function because loading an application (the detergent) to do work (wash laundry) rejigged part of the operating system (reversed the ‘Delicate’ wash cycle with that for ‘Heavy soiled’) and wraught havoc (either rent your textiles asunder or rendered them an unpalatable grimmy shade of gray)? Disgraceful – a cadre of lawyers would be lining-up a class-action suit to claim damages for the aggrieved, no? But business ethics of the atomized-computerized present does not bode well for the future of advanced economies that rely so heavily on data crunching as ours does…

        • Newp Ort

          lol wut a noob

        • Doooood… -_-

          Screw IE

  • Stu

    You’ll need a pack mule, five bars of almond soap (must be almond), three 20 amp car fuses and an 8 x 10 autographed photo of Larry Storch.

    • Newp Ort

      And your gonna need ’bout ten quarts of anti-freeze, preferably Prestone. No, no make that Quaker State.

      • Stu

        Actually, if the photo of Larry Storch has him “in character” from F Troop, then any brand of anti-freeze will work.

  • Barbara

    Toolbars are the devil’s sodomy implements. Avoid them at all costs.

    • chezami

      No toolbar. Just search default to

  • chrysalis fx
  • Which browser?

    But in addition to that, I suggest HijackThis. But be careful- it can remove your video driver if you check the wrong box.

  • EricFromAsk

    Hi Mark – you are correct, that redirect is the function of an iMesh installation on your computer. I’m addressing this very thing on the front page of our Help Center, and I would invite you over to to see the very simple fix, which is to reset your Firefox default search settings. Feel free to contact me via the Help Center if I can assist with anything else.

    Best regards,

    • chezami

      I’m not running Firefox. And I never asked Ask to change my settings. Please tell your evil company to stop this kind of stealth installation. It just makes me hate them.

      • EricFromAsk

        A number of other free software makers choose to bundle and offer our search tools during installation of their software. How they choose to position it and offer it is up to each company, but saying “no” should always mean our tools don’t install. If you’ve had a different experience, let me know which product installer didn’t behave correctly and I’ll ask our compliance team to investigate.

    • Brandon Jaloway

      Mark, is evil. I do IT work and I constantly have to remove it from our computers. It comes bundled with Java (unless your very careful) which was recently purchased by Oracle. After we are done burning to the ground we should do the same with Oracle. You have to uninstall the Ask program and then manually change the settings on each browser back to their default settings. Instructions for a PC

      God bless,
      Brandon Jaloway

      • Paul H

        Or just uncheck the box that says “make the default search provider in my browser” (or something like that) when you install or update Java. (I agree that it’s a pain, but I have installed and updated Java many times on several computers, and I haven’t had set as my default search provider yet.)

    • DoWeAllHaveToPickRandomNames?

      Don’t accept the invitation Mark! It will lead you to your DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM…

  • Uninstall instructions for multiple browsers:–install

    Good luck.

  • Joker

    Hmmm….Reactionary? 😉

  • bob cratchit

    I was going to ask, Mac or PC. Never mind.

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I’m pretty sure using IE is a mortal sin. In order to receive absolution, you must, for your penance, download Firefox and install it, then uninstall IE and delete it from your trash bin. Failure to do so will result in extra time in purgatory and the Pope has said there are no indulgences that will save you from that fate.

    • RandomGuyThatIsn’tCalledGary

      And that is why you should never put anything like this up on IE… I mean Firefox. You will be stalked by unforgiving catholic maniacs. And also the late He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. AND an angry orthodontist. etc.

      • Ebenezer Scrooge

        Hey! Gary! You do know that this is a catholic website! Idiot!

  • Lydia

    If you’re using Firefox, there’s an add-on that will fix this:

    Just takes a minute; it’s painless and it fixes the problem!

  • Three words: Install. Google. Chrome.

  • I once had an even more sinister problem; some “adware” had invaded my browser (still not sure how, but evidently with a similar bundled-software deal), which turned almost every other word I saw online (including “beer” and “shampoo” in your posts, Mark) into a clickable ad for some company selling whatever it was. Just about drove me nuts. I researched it online, and didn’t have any luck with anything I tried — until I took the global solution and removed the infected installation of Firefox completely, replacing it with the newest version. No problems since. My motto: Firefox isn’t perfect, but it’s a darn sight better than anything else. But if you want something that’s just meant to go along with Google, then I guess you should choose Chrome.

    • LSpinelli

      Two more recommendations (these are hard drive installations and run in the background):

      SUPERAntiSpyware, free version (

      Malwarebytes (

  • annoymous

    Delete imesh, then uninstall and it’s related programs. I think if you download imesh a second time,it will not happen again.