Baf! Krak! Pow!

Baf! Krak! Pow! April 4, 2014

With repeated hammer blows, Reality has smacked Chez Shea in the teeth.

Baf!: Got up this morning to a dead laptop. Wouldn’t boot. Took it to Office Despot. Removed the hard drive and checked on another computer to see if any of the data was salvageable. The drive did not exist according to the other computer. Mistah Computer, he daid. Here is a dramatic re-enactment of this morning’s events:

Krak: Need computer super fast. So bit the bullet and got one. Window 8.1. New improved baffling operating system. Slowly figuring out the completely counter-intuitive and confusing arrangement of information. Resent being forced to sign up with Microsoft to make stuff work. I’m a simple man with simple needs. Give me Google, not Bing.

Pow! Just as I start downloading from the Carbonite cloud all my precious information, I get slammed with a virus. Not a computer virus, a people virus. Jan and I were going to go hear Bruce Cockburn tonight with tickets she gave me for Christmas. She even made clam chowder. Currently shivering and feeling crappy with my lappy. Urging her to take one of the boys. Don’t mind me. I’ll just lay here and die.

Wham! Was gonna go see mom tomorrow, but now would be guilty of attempted homicide if I did.

So: fun weekend ahead rebuilding my life both physically and virtually.

Oh, and the “H” key is spotty. So is the spacebar. Still, I prefer tis to the irosima Martyrs fate. Life is good, tanks be to God.

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