Lunatics Taking Over the GOP Asylum

Lunatics Taking Over the GOP Asylum October 26, 2013

Rod Dreher looks at how the battle lines are shaping up.  Basically, in one corner you have the establishment types: servants of corporate oligarchs.  In the other corner, you have a fevered mob of crazy people who seriously believed that if the GOP had just gone ahead and burned down the global economy, a just God would have magically banished Obamacare, given them the White House in 2016 and miraculously overturned Roe.  The servants of oligarchy, recognizing that this thinking was, ‘ow you say, barking nuts?, summoned the minimal courage it takes to not do something utterly and completely insane–and now the lunatics are doing what they can to dynamite their party for its refusal to dynamite the global economy.

These people are right on track to give the election to Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden in 2016 and somebody else in 2020, 2024, and 2028.  And when they do, somebody will most certainly write to me the day after the election and blame me for it. Brilliant.

And when the power struggle is all over, the GOP will compromise (perhaps just throw in the towel and merge with the Dems) and be the party of the incredibly rich *and* of abortion, gay “marriage”, limitless war, the police state, *and* torture. (Not to mention pre-emptive nuclear strikes on countries with whom we are not at war.) It seem to have a genius for learning all the wrong lessons.

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