On the other hand, when John Zmirak is on, he’s spot on

On the other hand, when John Zmirak is on, he’s spot on October 15, 2013

He writes:

“From what I have read, in Argentina, a swath of the folks who fought for the Latin Mass also supported the right-wing dictators down there—which means they winked at torture and murder, but their consciences proved too tender to countenance altar girls” — What Is Pope Francis Saying to the Right? More:

I have met this kind of smug zealot up here in the U.S.—the guy you meet at the coffee hour who starts off with pro-life talk, then finds a way to assert that most abortionists are Jewish … and pretty soon he’s pressing on you poorly printed pamphlets that “prove” the Holocaust never happened. I used to argue with people like this, but it led nowhere. (Although I learned how to have some fun with them by “proving” that World War II was also a myth, and that all its “casualties” had really been abducted to serve as slaves in the Zionist tin mines on the Moon.)

I finally had to accept the cold fact that some people are not sincerely mistaken, or even deluded, but rather of evil intent, with wicked hearts and culpable motives. In fact, they’re the kind of “evil company” St. Paul tells us to flee. Likewise, I learned to scorn folks who reject religious liberty, who joke about burning heretics or who condemn the American founding because so many Founders were Freemasons. (They don’t, I notice, denounce the nation of Spain, which was founded by Arian Visigoths.) Some right-wing Catholics embrace a hardline agenda because they feel weak and irrelevant, and prefer magnificent fantasies of wielding power over their neighbors to the slow grunt work of evangelizing.

It’s no accident that the guy who was the principal informant on Bergoglio for the poisonous Rorate Coeli site was a Holocaust Denier. And as I pieced together the “horror” story of Bergoglio’s supposed mistreatment of Traditionalists in Argentina, what I discovered was that he was such a mortal enemy of Traditionalists that he approved an EF Mass almost instantaneously after the promulgation of the motu proprio. But (gasp!) it turns out that priests, being extremely busy people, have to carve out time from their schedules and *learn* the EF.  This, a priest attempted to do, but his celebration of the EF was (and you may want to sit down for this) less than perfect.  Naturally then, a grateful community of Reactionaries in Argentina thanked Bergoglio by cursing his name for not instantly giving them an absolutely perfect EF Mass.  And the poisonous malcontents at Rorate Coeli immediately took up their drumbeat of butthurt whining narcissistic self-pity the moment he was elected Pope.

It’s that kind of behavior that makes Reactionaries the very worst enemies of the Benedictine reforms on the planet and makes Normals want to avoid them like the plague.  That, coupled with such charming traits as Holocaust Denial, is what healthy sane Traditionalists are up against as they fight to make the EF more common.

As a tonic and a medicine to heal us from all the Reactionary craziness, here are three healthy and sane Traditionalist sites here, here, and here.

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