One of the Many Reasons I Love Tom McDonald

One of the Many Reasons I Love Tom McDonald October 18, 2013

…is that he doesn’t go for the cheap and obvious, but tries have human empathy for odd people. In that, he is deeply Catholic since we are a Church of odd people. The world says, “Don’t stick out or be strange. Fit in!” Even the most non-conformist worldling tends to be part of a herd of independent minds all bravely facing the applause of their peers. The Faith celebrates true eccentrics. Cuz now and then they turn out to be prophets.

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  • Sillyness abounds

    Empathy is one thing. But suggesting that the poor woman might be some messenger of God for speaking nonsense on the House floor is another. It doesn’t really do religion or religious experience any credit.

    • Dave G.

      My thoughts exactly. There is no reason to be mean spirited or say things about her when we know nothing about her condition or situation. But suggesting she could possibly be a prophet – unless, of course, one believes or at least is sympathetic to her message.

      • chezami

        For pete’s sake. Nobody is suggesting she’s a prophet. Sheesh.

        • Dave G.

          “The Faith celebrates true eccentrics. *Cuz now and then they turn out to be prophets.”*
          The impression from this and Thomas’ article was that we could leave the possibility on the table.

          • said she

            Right. But leaving the possibility on the table is not the same thing as declaring her a prophet.

            • Dave G.

              I didn’t say anyone was ‘declaring her a prophet’ I said it appeared it was being suggested it could be a possibility – meaning that what she said was at least open to consideration. Which is only logical I suppose.

              • Benjmain2.0

                “The Faith celebrates true eccentrics. *Cuz now and then they turn out to be prophets.”
                The subject of the offending sentence is “they” which refers back to “eccentrics.” Nothing in the passage specifically or vaguely suggests “her” to be a prophet, but recognizes that writing off eccentrics (the class which contains “her”) would necessarily exclude prophets (who fall into the same category). I would argue this is the logical interpretation.

    • said she

      You are accusing the woman of speaking nonsense. Are you certain that it was nonsense? How can you be so certain? Are you a prophet?

      • ThisIsTheEnd

        Why do you think it may not be nonsense? It sounds crazy to me.

  • Mark R

    There is honest to goodness holy fool behaviour, otoh the evil one has also used madress as a mouthpiece…look at Nietzsche. It is a matter of discernment.

  • Dave

    OK, I’ll take the bait. How do we know that she wasn’t acting as a prophet in this instance? I didn’t see anything in her message that was outright wrong.

  • Scott

    And to think, the Knights of Columbus worked so hard to get that phrase into The Pledge of Allegiance…