Some Sectors of the Post-Christian Thing That Used to be Conservatism…

Some Sectors of the Post-Christian Thing That Used to be Conservatism… October 30, 2013

plump for frank and open white supremacist filth.  A reader send along the latest appeals being made by these nutjobs to College Republicans:

To: College Republicans List

John Derbyshire has up a recent article: “White Flight from Christianity?”

Which reminds me of many conservative college kids I know who have left Christianity to return to their ancestral religions, such as Asatru

Still, all Christianity might not become a complete ghetto religion. We could see small surviving pockets of Pro-Western Christianity

Identitarian religion is on the rise

It will be interesting to see how much of the epically discernment-free conservative community is stone blind to the racist white supremacy garbage these people are peddling as it has managed to be stone blind to so many other obvious red flags. Will a large percentage of the people who confuse “apostolic tradition” with Eurocentric culture actually fall for the “We’re just trying to preserve ‘western Christianity’ from alien cultural influences” line of BS or will they see this racist poison for what it is and call it out? Time will tell. I wonder what the College Republicans who get spammed with this bullshit make of it?

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