TSA is Your Friend! Trust TSA!

TSA is Your Friend! Trust TSA! October 9, 2013

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John Cleese is feeling his way ..."

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  • Michaelus

    Good to hear the old Soviet Anthem played when they show the US Capitol …”they cry out for the protection of the State” and then at about 7:20 we hear the ultimate totalitarian melody – the Horst Wessel song!

    • xbox361

      asked an old German immigrant, what’s the deal with the Horst Wessel song?
      she said the Nazis adopted it, it was just a regular song. like the white sox and “don’t stop believing” by journey.

      weird that music has such power of memory. like a madeleine.

  • xbox361

    what does a citizen of the United States owe the “State”?
    males must register at 18 for the Selective Service. now, you have to have insurance or a waiver. so not every citizen needs to follow obamacare mandate.
    so register at 18 if you are a male. ignore any order from your government that is not lawful or a violation of your rights.