Sir Bob Geldof: Supervillain?

Sir Bob Geldof: Supervillain? October 8, 2013

Sir Bob Geldof Prophesies Extinction of Human Race by 2030. Is this spoken with worry or is this more, “My plans are ripening nicely and I will ignite the atmosphere on December 31, 2029”?

I think the latter. Unless of course, he’s just some guy from the Boomtown Rats who once raised a bit of money for a good cause and who now thinks he knows The Future.

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  • I have to admit not being familiar with Geldof before, but now after seeing some pictures, I have to wonder if he wasn’t the inspiration behind “Phineas and Ferb”‘s Bobbi Fabulous character.

  • Tom

    If only we could get some rock stars to do a concert.

  • FavaBeans

    The extinction will happen on a Monday. Because Bob Geldof does not like Mondays.

    • Too funny!

    • wineinthewater

      Tell me why.

  • JohnP

    Let’s pray for Sir Bob. He did a lot of good in his day, but that’s the problem with secular humanism: it doesn’t leave one with hope as the years go by. He wrote clever lyrics for the Boomtown Rats. F’instance, it takes skill to write a funny song about Hitler: “Oh, yeah, I conquered all those countries/ They were weak, I was strong/ A little too ambitious? Maybe, / but I never loved Eva Braun. (I Never Loved Eva Braun). Even then, though, he chose rather dark topics. Unfortunately, now the sense of humor definitely is gone.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I’ve never understood why anyone puts so much stock in the views of pop stars. On the one hand, they have as much right as anyone else to speak out on things they care about. But consider the source. Really.
    One of the greatest answers in this regard I ever read was from Andy Summers, most famous as the guitarist for the Police, but also a great solo artist in his own right. A reporter once asked him his opinion on the arms race or something and he wouldn’t answer. The reporter pressed him, “So you don’t care about this issue?” He got annoyed and replied, “Of course I care and of course I have an opinion. But I play guitar on stage 5 nights a week and live in hotels 10 months out of the year. What makes you think I’m a #&@!ing expert on the arms race?”