A Police State Tends to Select More and More *for* These Kinds of Goons

A Police State Tends to Select More and More *for* These Kinds of Goons November 4, 2013

Cop savagely beats disabled man because of “bulge” in his clothes that turned out to be a colostomy bag.

Cops murder 80 year old in his home, claim they smelled meth. No meth. Widow is suing them for $50 million. I hope she gets every penny and they get life in prison.

Two cops beat holy hell out of defenseless woman in front of her daughter:

Potentially valuable witness to Boston Bomber case dies under incredibly not-suspicious-or-anything circumstances *during* FBI interrogation, rather like 150 other people the FBI has killed and then carefully examined itself to discover it was innocent of murder (Warning! Ritually Impure Source of Information!):

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And with the multiplication of cell cams, the documentation–and the attempt by cops to stop the documentation–multiplies exponentially.

The curious thing about our culture is how little we trust the state (very sensible) and how much we are prepared to make excuses when state agents do this kind of stuff. It will be interesting to see how long we can maintain the schizophrenia as the police and surveillance state grows. At present, we still seem to be at the stage where, as long as our guy is in power, we worry more that it makes him look bad than that the reality is that it’s not Left vs. Right, but our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us.

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