A reader who *claims* to be human writes…

A reader who *claims* to be human writes… November 29, 2013

I think you will enjoy this…My family in Cali released in the night sky lit up balloons yesterday symbolizing what they were thankful for & it gets reported in the news as possible UFO invasion! I searched
for “lights in sky LA” via 24hr google search, this link came up with the comment “glowing orbs over the 405 fwy last night.” My family released the balloons in Aliso Viejo around the reported time, and my sister said with the wind last night it was def. probable. Here’s her public instagram of the send off. Lastly, here’s more info concerning this encounter of the 2nd kind by the mysterious “source” known only as MUFON.

The truth is out there.

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  • Jedinovice

    He’s lying. it’s a cover up. Truth is, my transmat drive was malfunctioning as I made re-entry and I has to jettison some isotope material.

    Sorry to disappoint. Nothing more than standard alien landing with some slight difficulties. happens all the time. But Governments get twitchy about letting people know.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    It was the Doctor. Your reader is just covering for him.

    • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

      Perhaps the Ood singing Ten to his rest?

  • Mike the Geek

    MUFON = Mutual UFO Network – one of the “more reputable” UFO groups. People tend to believe whatever they are predisposed to believe – sort of like the “WalMart is evil” crowd.

  • pgb412

    i just wish people would stop releasing balloons because they kill wildlife