I love this guy so much!

I love this guy so much! November 14, 2013

Today, the Pope directs his plain speech toward the apparition chasers:

“But I know a visionary, who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady”. And the Pope commented: “But, look, Our Lady is the Mother of everyone! And she loves all of us. She is not a postmaster, sending messages every day.”

Such responses to these situations, he affirmed, “distance us from the Gospel, from the Holy Spirit, from peace and wisdom, from the glory of God, from the beauty of God.”

Good solid Catholic common sense. Don’t waste time running around after signs and wonders. If God means to send them, you sure as hell won’t miss them. Meanwhile, our business is to put down roots in the ordinary sources of teaching and grace and to get busy doing all the mundane stuff we should be doing. Life is not a special effects blockbuster.

It’s not going to end well for the Medjugorje fraud.

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