I love this guy so much!

I love this guy so much! November 14, 2013

Today, the Pope directs his plain speech toward the apparition chasers:

“But I know a visionary, who receives letters from Our Lady, messages from Our Lady”. And the Pope commented: “But, look, Our Lady is the Mother of everyone! And she loves all of us. She is not a postmaster, sending messages every day.”

Such responses to these situations, he affirmed, “distance us from the Gospel, from the Holy Spirit, from peace and wisdom, from the glory of God, from the beauty of God.”

Good solid Catholic common sense. Don’t waste time running around after signs and wonders. If God means to send them, you sure as hell won’t miss them. Meanwhile, our business is to put down roots in the ordinary sources of teaching and grace and to get busy doing all the mundane stuff we should be doing. Life is not a special effects blockbuster.

It’s not going to end well for the Medjugorje fraud.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    I like that kind of humor: “Our Lady … is not a postmaster”!

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I always thought this about the “every day” visionaries, too. For a humble woman who avoided the stage so that her Son would be the focus, she never seems to shut up.

      • The thing about the daily visions is that all the ones I’ve ever looked at (although I haven’t looked at the Medjugorje ones) are pretty much just banal truisms of the faith that I, personally, could have busted out without the benefit of a supernatural vision: “My Son says, ‘Be excellent to each other.'”

        Is it just the fact that they think that this particular message is kinda sorta aimed sort of at them that causes people to hug them to their chests like a teddy bear?

  • tj.nelson

    I knew you’d like this. Me too.

  • Merrymom

    The “postmaster” comment made me LOL! I can take a wild guess as to who he was talking about!

  • kmk1916

    Thank you SO much for posting this. I know now what I need to do during Advent, and hopefully it will stick! (Not Medjugorie related, just the curiosity thing!)

  • Dave

    And yet….Our Lady of Kibeho was approved (at least for 3 of the visionaries) and one of the approved visionaries had nearly daily visions over an 8 year period, and the visions of the seers were often, at least in the beginning stages, public with (what we in the US would consider) a circus atmosphere.

    Other visionaries were not approved, so there are a lot of lessons to be learned in the case of Kibeho:
    1) A long time period and/or # of messages do not necessarily rule out approval.
    2) Even if some visionaries at a site might be suspect, others might be authentic.
    3) Whatever encumbrances might grow around an apparition site, they do not necessarily rule out the phenomena as a whole.

    So while I don’t argue with anything you (or Pope Francis) are saying about our orientation to everyday life and seeking of truth, I don’t think an off-hand statement can be taken as an augur of what the commission will say about Medjugorje.

  • Good to see the Pope was a fan of my Catholic Lane Column. :p

    Seriously, it feels nice to be vindicated when two weeks ago people from both Fatima and Medjugorje groups were calling me an impious heretic for stating this.

    • Jason Hall

      You heard it here first! Pope Francis reads Catholic Lane! 🙂

  • God gave us sacred scripture, sacred tradition and the magisterium, but we’re not satisfied. We search for more as if God did not give us enough.

    • Jeremiah H

      Well that’s human nature. God in his paternal love for us condescended and gave us the Scriptures, culminating with the Word. God has continued to paternally care for us by sending his Son, (St. Catherine of Siena and St. Faustina most prominently), and his Son’s mother, (Guadalupe, Lourdes, et al) because we could use more.
      I can’t name the passage but I’m pretty sure St. Faustina’s Diary records Christ telling Faustina that God is longing to shower his mercy on the world.
      I guess what I’m trying to say is this: well since we’re not satisfied, thank heaven that God isn’t either.

  • The bit about “sending messages every day” sound more striking to me because, in Argentina, not far from Buenos Aires, we have a sanctuary (Virgen de San Nicolas) built around the alleged apparitions of Mary to a woman. http://www.amazon.com/An-Appeal-Mary-Argentina-Apparitions/dp/0962597554
    The visionary has supposedly received more than 1800 “messages”! (around one per day, since 1983 till 1989; and it seems the thing has not stopped). The bishops here have been (in general, I think) neither much enthusiastic nor much opposed. The iconography has turned quite popular here, and there was an image in the Buenos Aires main cathedral. http://goo.gl/Fh3SDA

  • Elmwood

    There are no shortages of crazies in the church