New Prolife Initiative!

New Prolife Initiative! November 14, 2013

A reader writes:

I wanted to let you know about a new pro-life project I hope you can get excited about. 50 Million Names is an online registry of names for the aborted unborn. This is a grassroots (i.e. low budget!) effort to create a legacy of love for these children. Each name will be accompanied by a gesture the Namer chooses to honor that particular child. People are already getting creative about that: plant a tree, pray a Rosary, offer service hours, send flowers to Grandma, etc…. – anything you want to do to honor the child. We’ll also be praying for the relatives and abortionists of these children. As Pope Francis said recently, “First, we must heal the wounds…heal the wounds…”

On December 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe!), after a Mass celebrated by Fr. Matthew Habiger, we’ll have a launch party to open the website for baby names. Locals will be at Savior Pastoral Center (home of the Archdiocese of KC, KS) and supporters who can’t be there will enter names from all over the country, starting at 7 pm, CST. I’m hoping you’ll love the idea, join us in naming these unique, unrepeatable children, and help spread the word!

Fifty million thanks for any help you can give. God bless you and yours.

Violence is not the end of the story! Honor the babies – Give them names:

Check it out!

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  • Infinite Grace

    I’m not sure this is a great idea. I like the intention and to help in the healing is commendable. However, memorials like this one and others is the assumption that these children are nameless, unloved, and forgotten. They are not – at least I’m sure a large percentage are not. My daughter already has a name and it’s written on my heart and mind and soul. Her name is precious to me. Memorializing a baby lost to abortion is such an intimate and powerful part in the process of healing for someone who seeks help and I feel that initiatives like these take that away.

  • Jack Picknell

    Currently, the most popular baby name in the US with 19% of all new American children of both genders being named thusly is “POC”.

  • CharOster

    Infinite Grace, God won’t connect a name I give to anyone who doesn’t need one. I hope you’ll reconsider, because many people who throw away these children never look back, and now we can emphasize the humanity of each one. We’re already seeing the ripple effect of making a concrete gesture to honor each one. Your child is, of course, not one of those who need names, but not all mamas have realized the importance of this, as you have. Nothing is taken away from anyone (to give a name is free, gestures need not involve any donation), but much is given to both the one who names a child and to that child’s relatives and abortionists. One lady realized because of 50 Million Names that she needed to name a child that she had lost to miscarriage, and she wanted to record that name for one of the unnamed, aborted babies as a way of honoring her own baby. Lots of beautiful stories are already being recorded. We need your help to spread the word. Each name counts because each baby counts!

  • Maureen Murray

    The comments here have a strong impact: an abortion regretted and the realty that the name given to abortion babies medically is POC–product of conception. Infinite Grace, I thought a lot about the impact of naming someone else’s child. I wondered whether I had the right to do that. Sadly, as Jack Pickell pointed out POC (product of conception) is the most popular name since 19% of babies conceived in the US are aborted. And so, we must stand in the gap until the humanity of the unborn is recognized and protected. An article by Fr Frank Pavone explained clearly the rational behind naming babies who died through abortion. In regard to Priests For Life’s naming of the babies killed by Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, he wrote,
    “But now it’s time, in our collective journey through this nightmare, to connect with these children more directly. It’s time to name the children. We have no evidence that anyone else has given them a name or was interested in giving them a name. In fact, these babies were brought to an abortion facility to be killed and then thrown away. The fact that their parents abandoned them does not give us permission to do so. “Though father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me,” Scripture tells us (Psalm 27:10). “I have called you by name, you are mine,” the Lord says (Isaiah 43:1). As Pope John Paul II wrote, “God … has entrusted the life of every individual to his or her fellow human beings, brothers and sisters” (Evangelium Vitae, 76). From the point of view, then, that we are one human family called into being by God, these children are also ours. And that’s why we can name them when nobody else has.”
    I hope this helps, Infinite Grace, in the understanding of what 50 Million Names Project is all about. Please contact the project if you have questions or other concerns. 50 MNP hopes to aid in the healing of mothers and fathers and all affected by abortion by giving a place (there is no cemetery) for those names to be recorded and the babies to be remembered. Like Charoster, I hope you will memorialize your baby on the site May God bless you and may we all remember we live in His Infinite Mercy.

  • Maureen Murray

    Forgot to give the link for Fr Pavone’s statement.