I think they should rename the Nobel Peace Prize…

I think they should rename the Nobel Peace Prize… November 27, 2013

something like The Award for Being a Murderer Popular at Leftist Soirees. Here, O Obama supporter, is what your favorite murderer has been up to:

… the international NGO Human Rights Watch has released an exhaustive and shocking report alleging that the U.S. has failed to comply with international law in its use of drones to fight counterterrorism. Gathered over the course of six weeks from a HRW reporter on the ground in Yemen, the report focuses on six specific drone strikes that led to the death of 82 people—at least 57 of whom were civilians—according to the organization.

Here’s the last of the six strikes:

6. “The clothes of the women and children were hanging from the treetops with the flesh on every tree.”

Date: December 17, 2009

Casualties: 14 al Qaeda suspects, 41 civilians

Legal Concern: Level of threat may not have warranted an attack of this magnitude

The deadliest of the attacks in the report was one in which government officials initially claimed that “34 terrorists” had been killed in al-Majalah. In reality, the December 2009 strike—which occurred just three days after the state department classified AQAP as a terrorist organization—reportedly left only 14 alleged al-Qaeda members dead, versus 41 civilians. Among the civilians reported dead, all of whom hailed from just two extended families, were 21 children and nine women. At least five of the women were pregnant at the time of their death. A prominent tribal leader who arrived on the scene shortly after the attack described the unimaginable devastation to Human Rights Watch.

“The clothes of the women and children were hanging from the treetops with the flesh on every tree, every rock. But you did not know if the flesh was of human beings or animals. Some bodies were intact but most, they melted.”

Two different documents, released through WikiLeaks, allege an elaborate attempt by both the Yemen and U.S. governments to hide their roles in the attack. The remaining family members of the civilians killed were never compensated and the U.S. has never admitted its role. “America’s goal is to defeat Al-Qaeda. Instead they are creating more Al-Qaeda,” said Moqbil Abu-Lukaish, a relative of 28 of the villagers killed in the attack.

The document ends by asking the Obama administration to uphold its pledge to transparency. The specific demands Human Rights Watch has for Washington include explaining the “full legal basis” for the targeted killing of innocent civilians and “implement[ing] a system of prompt and meaningful compensation for civilian loss of life.”

Imagine the cops working on that basis here.  We *suspect* somebody in this shopping mall might have terrorist connection, so let’s lock the doors and detonate clusterbombs capable of killing hundreds.  Better the innocent should perish than the (suspected) guilty survive.  Sorry about the kids.

You voted for this guy, Obama supporter. Next time, instead of wasting your vote on somebody who supports sins worthy of the everlasting fires of hell, try thinking different and spending your vote on somebody who does not do that.  The primary impact your vote has is not on the outcome of a national election.  Your vote has no impact on that.  What it impacts is your soul.  Continued compromise with grave intrinsic evil turns you into  the sort of person who says, “Ah well.  The flesh of women and children dangling from tree branches.  You have get your hands dirty to do politics.  Stop being such a perfectionist!”  Catholics who talk as though melting innocent human beings is a peccadillo and those who refuse to assent to it are fussy perfectionists are morally insane.

Same, by the way, goes for you guys on the right who talk the same nonsense about nuking cities, torturing prisoners, and launching preventive wars.

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