Prayer Request

Prayer Request November 27, 2013

A reader writes:

Would you kindly pray for me? I’m going through a difficult path both in life and in faith and would ask that you pray I not despair. Thank you.

Father, hear our prayer that this son of yours, for whom your Son Jesus suffered the bitter pains of his passion and death, would know that you will never abandon him and that your plans for him are for good and not for evil, to give him a future and a hope in the Risen and triumphant Christ. Grant him the grace and virtues of faith, hope, and love and help him carry on in obedience to your will. Mother Mary, pray for him! We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • johnfrancis, a disciple

    I have prayed this prayer with you, my friend IN Christ. Right now I am also in dire straights, and I remember reading from a few days ago that when in suffering, our joy is to pray for the OTHER who suffers, and of all the suffering at this time…our Cross becomes much less heavy. Please offer a little prayer for me?

    • orual’s kindred

      Prayers for you both and all who are suffering!

      • johnfrancis, a disciple

        Thank you, orual!

    • Connie Tarling

      Psalm 35 & especially Psalm 69 will comfort you and it is a powerful prayer.I also ask for prayer for my young son & myself. Pray for the Divine Gift of Courage to do the right thing.Catholic Family Services ought to be capable of distributing a food voucher as well you might check with the Legion of Mary who frequently hold open dinners ( as well as leftovers ) in celebration of a Marian Feast Day or have some resources as well to offer. Luncheons held after Mass on special occasions also are another source of freely shared food and leftovers. Since you are a member of a local Parish sometimes this will mean when you approach the Priest he may refer you to someone special giving from the Community Parish or locate other help for you. Bless you J

      • johnfrancis, a disciple

        Thanks, Connie. My angst is family oriented, not food. That I have. It’s my family that is such a heavy weight, waiting truly & fithfully on our Good God to visit our need.
        The Psalms–I’ve read them, but today they don’t seem to be what I need thoughl
        I will pray for your son and you to make a wise decision. If God who is Wisdom is counted into the decision have no fear but only trust in His gift of longsuffering and reconciliation, dear Connie.