In a Pagan World…

In a Pagan World… November 1, 2013

…the normal, room temperature state of the great mass of humanity is Master/Slave throughout almost its entire history. It is a world in which the strong do as they please and the weak suffer what they must. Slavery is so deeply embedded in our fallenness that only after the centuries could the gospel extirpate slavery and then only temporarily and tenuously. As soon as we could do it, we reinstituted it again and only after several centuries did we exorcise the demon. Wherever the gospel’s influence is weak, it instantly reasserts itself, as it is currently doing among our crony capitalist Ruling Class and their attempt to subjugate us to a police state that spies on us and, increasingly, murders us with impunity.

Heads of state still retain the power to tell off our God King when he spies on them because, being relatively strong, they can resist the yoke of slavery with force. But we peons have no such power and so have nobody to defend us from the slave masters who seek to rob us, murder us, enslave us, and spy on us.

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