Growing List of Countries Protest US Surveillance. But Nobody Speaks Up for American Citizens.

Growing List of Countries Protest US Surveillance. But Nobody Speaks Up for American Citizens. October 25, 2013


Brazil and Mexico have joined Germany and France in protesting American spying on their leaders and citizens.

When on when will someone in Congress take a brief timeout from attacking members of the other political party and speak up for the American people?

Why are we the only ones our government can violate without anybody speaking up for us? Why is the government listening in on our phone calls and reading our emails without any resistance from the people we’ve elected to speak for us in government?

That is their job, you know. They are supposed to speak for us — not their political parties and not special interests, but for us — in government. That’s why it’s called a representative democracy. The men and women we send to the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives are supposed to be our representatives in government. They are our voice at the table.

So why aren’t they doing their job?

Why are they so dead, flat silent about this?

Here’s a suggestion for these folks: Try representing the people who elected you, Mr or Ms Congressperson.

You’ll get roughed up by your colleagues and the lobbyists who buy your lunch and laugh at your tasteless jokes. You may even find out that your jokes weren’t ever all that funny. But you’ll never have to be afraid to go home and face your district again.

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One response to “Growing List of Countries Protest US Surveillance. But Nobody Speaks Up for American Citizens.”

  1. The President: “If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance”
    Me: “Liar.”
    [see our letter posted amongst many others up and down the land at]
    You know what Obamacare is intended to be? Massive data-phishing health census: its like home-owners’ association dues for our bodies.
    – if your employer owns your body, they pay the dues to certain associations of their choosing set up for routine maintenance of your body with a little set aside for a reserve fund to repair your body if catastrophically damaged.

    – if you are unemployed, self-employed or enjoying early retirement (or not if involuntarily excessed, is common these days) and think you are free to own your own body and pay your own dues to the Body Owner’s Association of your choosing designed to meet members needs for catastrophic damage, NEWSFLASH – YOU DON”T OWN YOUR BODY, President Obama, his administration and the bureaucrats of the Federal Government now think they own your body by bribing you to pay a fraction of the dues promising they’ll pay the difference to the “body-owners association”. Under HOA I have a right to at least see the accounts once a year, and they may not expend reserve funds without informing members first: kinda basic democratic principles under freedom of association.

    But this isn’t freedom.

    We are being enslaved… into cannibals. Reproductive services and the funds needed to provide them are now under the control of – not an embodied person with free will – but the government.

    Surveillance is the least of our problems: we have volunteered to surrender our health-care financing: each and everyone of us are mandated to “enroll” county-by-county in a data-mining exercise that rivals Herod in Roman era Judea… without any rights to know how the monies extracted will be expended. I predict this time next year that many of us will be receiving sticker-shocks that far exceed those we just got in the mail, because those benefiting from the association dues are not the members… and the funds have been squandered. Meanwhile Medicare and Medicare continue to be funded with deficit spending – IOW more cannablism – the money isn’t there so we borrow it and leave the IOU in the Treasury for our children to pick up the tab for us enslaving ourselves to Big Brother in Washington (with the help of Little Brother in Harrisburg or wherever the State exchanges may be, since the city of Harrisburg – like Jefferson Co (Birmingham, Alabama) and Detroit before – has declared bankruptcy perhaps Pennsylanians decided they couldn’t afford to waste millions on buildling a website that might not work if certain bills don’t get paid…

    This isn’t funny people, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem aware of the utter vacousness of their Utopian ideas – we can’t afford the price rigging anymore!

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