UK Legalizes Sex Selected Abortions

UK Legalizes Sex Selected Abortions October 25, 2013


It began — at least for me — when Public Catholic reader Manny shared this link.

That led me to a google search where I found links from

National Right to Life

Belfast Telegraph

Susan B Anthony List



Statement from the Crown Prosecution Service

all of which say that Manny’s link is correct. The UK has done one of those this-is-how-we-interpret-the-law laws that now allows doctors to perform sex-selected abortions.

I’m not going to comment about this right now. I feel like somebody hit me and I need to get my breath back.

However, just for your reading pleasure, I’ll include one last link. It’s from a “feminist” group explaining how killing baby girls is … well … too “complex” to be illegal. They think that it’s basically ok so long as it’s the woman’s choice to kill her baby because the baby is a little girl.

That’s feminism???

To paraphrase Lily Tomlin, I try to be cynical folks. But I just can’t keep up.

Baby girl 2

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6 responses to “UK Legalizes Sex Selected Abortions”

  1. The problem with getting in bed with the Devil on an issue under the guise of being pro “your” people is it seems to invariably end up with “you” having to do complex gymnastics to explain how it is that you REALLY care about “your” people when they begin to suffer from your devil’s bargain.

  2. Thanks for following up and tracking the sources. I only supplied an opinion piece. I would have tracked it down myself but I had a really busy afternoon. And plus i don’t really have a political blog any longer. It does not surprise me that it happened in Britain. The people I have met on the internet from Britain are among the most culturally left wing of all of Europe. I know there are devout Catholics and Anglicans still in England, but the secularists so dominate the culture, way more so than in the United States. Sex and abortion is almost a sacred passage in England. It’s so appalling.

    • I thought England was rather conservative for Europe? But then again, that might be because when I think “liberal European country” I think of Sweden.

  3. I agree with a woman’s right to choose —up until 12 weeks. No gender known then. It is outrageous to even consider an abortion after that time(not getting into medical reason etc.) and IMO there is NO reason at all to do so because the gender isn’t one to her liking. Just wrong in so many, many ways.

  4. According to the Crown Prosecution Service, the British Medical Association is opposed to sex-selective abortions. So is it possible that abortion laws in the UK can be tightened up to outlaw them? How difficult would enacting such changes be?

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